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Mint Choc Chip Shake feat. Pulsin

Smoothies are back for me in a big way. I went through the whole winter really avoiding them along with salads, which makes a lot of sense really, our bodies should be craving warming, comforting foods during winter and light refreshing ones during summertime. The recent heatwave in London has been pretty brutal, early 20’s are fine, but 30+ and it just feels miserable in and outside, and I just want to eat really cooling, hydrating foods/drinks.

I’ve been trying to cool off post run with a refreshing breakfast smoothie and one of my favourites right now is this mint chocolate chip shake. Best enjoyed in the sunshine of course!


Mint Choc Chip Shake | (Serves 1)
1-2 frozen Bananas (You can replace 1 of the bananas with 1/2 avocado to make this thicker and creamier- I highly recommend doing this)
Handful of Fresh Mint
Handful of Spinach
2 Tbsp of Pulsin Pea Protein
1 Tbsp Cacao/Cocoa Powder
1-2 Cups of Almond Milk or alternative
1 Tbsp Cacao Nibs/Chocolate Chips

Blend Ingredients together, if you are drinking this I would recommend blending the cacao nibs in. If like me you like to eat your smoothies in a bowl, then use the cacao nibs as a crunchy topping.


As I’ve mentioned before I don’t really feel that protein powders are all that necessary, but they can be useful at times, if you are in a rush, or don’t really fancy eating a big meal after a workout. The pea protein boosted up the protein content of this smoothie, for muscle recovery post workout, higher satiation, and less chance of blood sugar spikes causing energy crashes afterwards. It’s 80% protein, so higher than some of the other plant based proteins out there, and has a really neutral flavour so works well in sweet or savoury dishes. There are a huge range of protein powders available on the market, I would really recommend looking at the ingredients list and trying to get one that has as little ingredients as possible, many are packed with artificial flavourings and sweeteners which I wouldn’t want to be consuming too regularly.


Pulsin make a range of whey protein and Vegan proteins, and it’s best to really try them out to see what you like. I like rice, pea and hemp proteins, and find they work well with different flavours. I like the Pulsin range because they don’t have loads of flavourings or any other weird stuff, just 100% pea or rice or whey protein in the bag.

I’ve been a fan of Pulsin for a while, and am really pleased to see them doing so well, and their range expanding too. The brand recently had a bit of a makeover for it’s 10th anniversary, and they have some ace looking new packaging so look out for that in stores. As well as protein powders, they also make a range of snack bars– useful if you are on the go, and they taste great too. The protein bars have a decent whack of protein and unlike many out there they aren’t super high in sugar either, they also avoid artificial sweeteners, flavourings, preservatives and colourings, which make them a win in my eyes- I love the mint choc chip one. They also make a range of delicious raw choc brownies, which are great for a treat-the newest one the peanut choc chip which I recently tried, is delicious.

We are spoilt for choice these days in terms of protein powders and snack bars, but I would really recommend checking Pulsin out if you haven’t come across them before. You can order directly from them online, they also do mixed cases of bars, and subscription boxes too if you can’t decide what flavour to try. They also have heaps of amazing recipes on their website, if you are struggling for ideas to use your protein powder.


Disclaimer: I was sent the Pulsin products for review, all opinions are my own.


Allergy Show/V-delicious 2014


This morning post biomedicine exam (yes at 9am on a Saturday!!) I headed over to Olympia for the Allergy/V-delicious show. This year there was four shows combined including Love Organic, and the Back Pain shows as well. It was in the Olympia Grand which is huge, and it was already packed out early in the day.


There was a great array of exhibitors ranging from dairy free, gluten free to Vegetarian and Vegan, lots of natural skincare brands and loads of talks and demonstrations. Of course I hit up all the food stalls, and munched on loads of samples including existing brands which I love like Pulsin, Nakd, Coyo and Inspiral, and new to me ones as well. It was great to try some new products, particularly some of the more expensive raw ones, which I wouldn’t have tried before due to price. New brands of products I tried and liked included Lifefood, Rebel Kitchen, Superfoodies and The Coconut Collaborative.

There was loads of talks and demonstrations going on, but I didn’t have time to go to any, and was gutted to have missed out on Fiona Oakes’ talk.

There was a lot of food on offer from snack bars and chocolate, to drinks, beer and hot foods. There was plenty to suit all tastes and allergies- from foods I would define on the junkier end of the spectrum, to lots of foods with few ingredients and more on the whole food side of things which is a lot more to my taste. I’m not a fan of fake meat/cheese products, they just really don’t appeal to me, so I tend to stay away from them, but each to their own.


I did get a fairly good haul and got my fill of samples too! I bought some Rawlicious Kale Chips and Vanilla Protein, I haven’t used their protein before but it has the same ingredients as Sunwarrior and was a really good price. I also got a few Pulsin bars including my favourite treat: vanilla choc chip! I couldn’t resist stocking up on Nakd Bars, I got 22 mixed ones for 8 pounds which is amazing! They are going to come in really handy with our house move/kitchen situation over the next few weeks! I also tried the Rebel Kitchen Mylks for the first time, all of them are delicious, I bought the chocolate one which is absolutely amazing! I also got some free oats, Bob’s Red Mill are my favourite brand of oats- love their pinhead ones- Bob himself was there too, signing copies of his book which was pretty cool.

Overall I was pretty impressed by the array of suppliers and the range of products on offer for all tastes. It was much bigger than I thought it would be, and I definitely could have spent longer and gone round a second time for more samples! It was extremely hot and very busy so I decided to call it a day after one loop and head home with my purchases- well stocked up on the snack front!

New Healthy Finds

As you are reading this I should hopefully be settling in to our new home in London having moved in yesterday. We are going to be pretty busy over the next few days settling in so I won’t have much time to blog so I thought I would put together a short post about some new products I have tried since coming back to the UK.

Coming from Ireland back to the UK I was like a kid in a candy store when I visited my local health store- there were so many new products, I got a good selection to try out:

IMG_0032I usually try and make my own bars, but being without my own kitchen is a problem, so I have resorted to snack bars when I am out and about and on the go. These Pulsin’ ones are the best I’ve ever had, they are amazing. Reasonably high in protein at 12g for a plant based bar, and no nasty ingredients, win win.

IMG_0030I am a big kale chip fan-I need to start making them again once we settle in-and I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this new-to-me brand in BBQ flavour, oh my word, these are so delicious. Nice ingredients again.

IMG_0031I wasn’t overly keen on these Inspiral superfood bites, but I still finished off the packet swiftly!! I found them a bit dry and lacking much flavour. I wouldn’t buy them again.

IMG_0033Same goes for the Gomacro bars, I haven’t tried the cashew caramel one yet, but the banana almond butter was a bit dull, I expected a lot more, and at 2.79 a pop I’m unlikely to shell out again, although the flavour combinations for the range sound so amazing.

IMG_0038Laurie’s is a new-to-me brand of sauerkraut, I really liked it, and have been lashing it on all my salads. Great for the digestion and the good bacteria!

IMG_0039This was demolished swiftly, hazelnut butter is my new favourite. I love the Carley’s brand, and now it’s not as extortionate as it was in Ireland, I’m happy to treat myself to some. Cannot wait to start making my own nut butters again!


This chia pod was great for an on the go snack. I am addicted to chia pudding, and found this really handy to pick up while we were travelling. Filling and totally delicious, the other flavours sound yummy too.

These are probably going to be my last treat splurges for a while as I am now unemployed- I gave up my job in Ireland to move with Nick’s job. I will be trying to stick to a strict budget as I will be relying on money I have saved over the last year or so, so will have to reign in any non-essentials- maybe a Pulsin’ bar or two might be an exception 😛 I will need to stock up on some store cupboard bits initially but after that I will really be trying hard to stick to a budget, we’ll see how this goes and I’ll blog about how I get on.

Have you tried any of these products?

Have you tried any new products lately?

WIAW- Epic Vegan Burger

Happy WIAW again people! Wednesday comes around so quickly doesn’t it! I’ve had a few days off work so am feeling quite well rested, feels kind of weird to start a work week on a Wednesday, I keep thinking it’s Monday!


These are my eats from yesterday which was a nice but busy day off, Nick has holiday time to use up so he was also off which was nice. I started the day in the usual way, hot water/lemon, glutamine, banana, brazil nut and matcha green tea for a pre workout boost. Then I headed out for a run, it is much cooler in the mornings now, but it was a pleasant day, nice and bright at least!


I did a gentle run of 4.25 miles to shake the legs out after a tough tempo session on Monday. I am totally in love with running right now sometimes I just stop and think during my run how lucky I am to be able to do this and just take in the beautiful sights around me, especially if I’m in Marlay Park. I love seeing the changing of the seasons on my runs, the colours are already coming out and the leaves are beginning to fall!


I came back and had one of these health-ified homemade “Clif bars”, they are awesome and I will be posting the recipe later in the week!

Me and Nick then headed to the gym, he did a 5k on the treadmill, and I did the most savage leg workout of my life. It was so outrageously hard, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry ha! I would be quite happy to never to do that workout ever again, I was totally wrecked after!

I came home and decided to make a recovery shake. I made Nick’s smoothie and then had a disaster as the machine leaked all over the counter- about the fourth time it’s done so recently, I don’t know how many times I can take it happening before I bite the bullet and invest in a vitamix!


My plan was then scrapped for a smoothie so I made a buckwheat breakfast bowl instead. Soaked buckwheat in the food processor to make a porridge, with some water, ginger, chocolate Sunwarrrior, chia seeds, and topped with home-made raw almond butter and frozen blueberries. These are my favourite kind of breakfast bowls!


We had viewings on the flat later in the day so spent most of the early afternoon cleaning and tidying. I had a late lunch before we went out: vegetable soup, raw crackers and some hemp hummus.


We headed out to the city centre to do some shopping as we had to be out of our apartment for 4 hours for viewings! We did a bit of shopping and shared a pink lady and each tried one of the new Beond bites. I love the apple cinnamon flavour. I don’t really understand the size though, as they aren’t very satisfying.  Good for a pre workout boost, or even during a longer workout to give you a little sugar hit I suppose. I bought that other bar which is new also, I tried it today and fell in love with it!! It is amazing!

photo 1

We carried on shopping and then went to a new-to-me place Jo’Burger for dinner. They served-you guessed it-burgers, everything was locally sourced and organic though, which I loved. They do Vegan options, but also had meat options which made Nick happy. He doesn’t eat meat in the house, but likes it when we are out for food. I got the veggie burger which was chickpeas, red peppers and something else which I can’t remember! I got it nude, so it came with a nice salad, and I got an extra of avocado-totally necessary. The burger was enormous, it was the biggest veggie burger I’ve ever seen in my life! It was really delicious and I destroyed it! I asked Nick to take a picture of my burger, without realising he was taking me in the picture too, hence my expression ha.

photo 3

We carried on shopping for a few more hours, I had a banana for some fuel to keep me going. I didn’t really end up buying too much, unlike Nick who was very successful! We headed home late evening and chilled out, catching up on the bake off. I had some Sunwarrior mixed with fresh strawberries, pineapple. banana and some shredded coconut.


I had another half a home-made “clif “bar before bed as I hate going to bed hungry, I knew I would wake up in the night otherwise. It was a nice, but very busy day off, we are so busy with all the move stuff going on right now. I just have to look forward to packing on my next days off now! Joys!

Natural and Organic Product Expo 2013

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to attend the Natural and Organic Product Expo in London with work. It’s the leading European show for natural and organic products, and was mighty impressive. We stayed in the beautiful Kensington Palace hotel and had a lovely room with a stunning view of the Kensington park. DSCF1247

When we arrived on Saturday we headed straight to Wholefoods for lunch and a mooch around. I had a lovely soup, and stocked up on some bars and tea! In the evening we went to a dinner hosted by Solgar in the hotel, there was a great buffet with vegetarian and vegan options- the ginger and lime sorbet was amazing!


On Sunday we headed to Olympia for the expo, basically it is a trade only show and is an excellent chance for those in the industry to chat to suppliers, new company’s and try out new and existing products. I had an awesome day, and didn’t even eat lunch as I was eating so many samples on the way around. I’ll try and do my best to recap things that stood out, there was over 500 exhibitors so I may forget some!!

There were also some great talks being held which I would have loved to attend, but I simply ran out of time as I spent too long in the food and beauty sections!

One of my favourite new product discoveries was the Aduna baobab powder. Baobab is an African fruit that is packed with goodness. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, thiamine and fibre and a good source of vitamin B6. It’s great for the skin, hair and just general well-being as well as helping support energy levels and a healthy immune system. The comparison of baobab to other superfoods like chia and hemp was striking as it was much higher in pretty much every vitamin/mineral category.

Bear were there with their delicious fruit nibbles and yoyos. I am a big fan of their yoyo’s as fuel during long runs, and I loved their new mango flavour. I had to express my disappointment though at the granola being discontinued…bring it back!!

Carley’s of Cornwall were exhibiting their excellent nut and seed butters. I am a huge fan of their raw nut butters, particularly the almond and rainforest variety’s. Their black tahini spread looks amazing too. I like making my own nut butters but for when you are short on time this is a great brand to go for.

There was loads of different coconut water companies, my favourite new discoveries were Chi Coconut water  and Cocofina. I can’t believe there are still new companies coming out all the time, the market is so saturated!

My favourite bar company Clif Bar were also at the show. They have now launched a bigger range of flavours in the UK and Ireland with choc almond fudge, white choc macadamia (the best!) and blueberry crisp available alongside crunchy pb and oatmeal raisin. I tried their shot blocks for the first and probably last time, something did not agree with me when I took them on a long run, I still love their gels though!

The most interesting guy I met at the show was Mike Bronner from Dr. Bronner’s. He discussed at length the history behind the company which was a truly amazing story. Their liquid soaps (18 in 1 purposes!!) are awesome as well as their whole host of other beauty products.

I tried the Food For life sprouted grain bread for the first time. They sprout the grains to release all those powerful nutrients and enzymes, using 18 grains and seeds from all over the world. They have yeast-free, gluten free, vegan and diabetic options to boot.


I also checked out the stands of some of my favourite brands like Green people whose skincare products I use religiously, Happy Kitchen who make delicious wholefood brownies and KOKO who used to be Kara! I used to be a big fan of their coconut milk, but I am not so mad on all the added sugar, I prefer to make my own nut mylks lately! Superlife were also there tasting their fantastic smoothie mix and breakfast topping.

Living Naturally soap nuts was a cool product which I had never seen before. Soapnuts are the dried shells or husks from the soapberry tree. The saponin contained in these soapnuts which produces a soaping effect, is a 100% natural alternative to chemical laundry detergent and cleansers.

Another favourite new discovery was LoveChock. Lovechock is made by hand from the best organic, raw cacao from Ecuador. Instead of being roasted, the beans are cold ground. They have fantastic and really distinct flavour combinations like mulberry/vanilla, goji/orange and pineapple/incaberry.

I loved the hot ginger muscle rub from Natural Hero. It’s like a sports massage in a tube, great for those tired aching muscles, with its blend of premium grade ginger root, rosemary, starflower and sweet fennel essential oils. It also contains no parabens, no SLS and no petrochemicals.


My favourite discovery of the weekend was Rawlicious . They have a stunning collection of raw crackers, kale chips and snackaroons. By far my favourite product though was their ultimate raw protein, it’s a rice protein (pretty much the same as Sunwarrior) but is UK based and a lot more affordable. Loved the chocolate flavour!

Zen Zen was a new dairy free ice cream made from coconut milk, it’s totally delicious, and sweetened with fruit sugar which is fantastic. Loved the chocolate one!

Other stand outs for me were Nordic naturals, I am loving their vegan Algae Omega 3. Viridian who have a new beauty tea launching soon. The usual favourites Pulsin, Bounce, the Raw Choc Company, and Chia Bia were all sampled in full!
There was also plenty of chocolate tasted, my favourites were Seed + Bean’s lavender which was insanely good and their chilli + lime which packed a real fiery punch! They are one of the very few British chocolate organic fairtrade producers in the country, using local and small scale suppliers wherever they can.
Om bars are a favourite treat of mine, though I don’t buy them often as they are super expensive. I wasn’t a big fan of their new coconut flavour it’s even milkier tasting than the existing probiotic coconut one, I just don’t like milky tasting chocolate, it has to be bitter for me!DSCF1249Last but not least is Natural balance foods whose Nakd and Trek bars I am already a huge fan of. I tried their new protein crunch bars, and new trek flapjacks. The protein crunch bars are quite nice, although I’m not so keen on soya protein. I wasn’t a fan of the new Trek bars they are far too sugary sweet and not really that filling.DSCF1250The show was great, I got loads of swag, tried far too many samples and talked to a lot of great and interesting people within the industry. There are so many brilliant natural and organic brands out there and it’s great that it’s a sector that continues to grow year on year.