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Trainer Rotation

My other half and anyone that knows me will tell you that I live in trainers, I have stacks of them, in fact I think I own less than a handful of shoes that aren’t trainers. At any one time I have 4-5 pairs in rotation, and just checking through my cupboard I’ve realised I have around 10 pairs of trainers currently, and I thought I had got rid of quite a few too!


I tend to run in a pair until I feel like they are getting a bit battered, or I start to feel like I’m getting some niggles or knee pain. This varies per shoe but generally I find I get around 400 miles out of a pair before they get relegated to walking shoes, this can be pretty expensive when you are running high mileage though, Strava just suggested that I need to replace my current Adidas ultra boosts which I got for my birthday less than 5 weeks ago! My current rotation includes my long time favourite Adidas ultra boosts, my trail shoes which are Inov-8, a grippy but more minimalist trail shoe which are also Inov-8, some light weight Nike flyknits, amongst others. I will mostly rotate between these pairs depending on terrain and distance.


When I first started running I lived in Asics shoes, I used to run in the GT series, I think it was GT-2170’s?, and I really liked these, but they reformulated them at some point and reverted to the GT-2000 series and I just found them tight and heavy so I switched to the more minimalist boosts which I’ve been running in for a long time now and am very comfortable in.


Millet Sports contacted me and sent me a pair of their new range of Asics trainers, the GT-2000 5, which I managed to try out on a couple of runs over the Easter period. The shoes were supportive and very stable, I think they would be a great shoe for anyone new to running or needing a bit more support. Although they are marketed as lightweight, I found them quite heavy as I am very used to running in the very light ultra boosts and for me they felt a bit too restrictive. I chose a 6.5 size wise which felt snug and I’m a regular size 5 shoe. I don’t think I have particularly wide feet but these are quite snug in the toebox. I would use these on shorter runs, or recovery runs, but they aren’t light enough for me to consider using them for anything longer.


I feel like it’s a good thing to have lots of shoes in rotation, and to vary your shoes across your runs to keep things fresh, rather than just wearing one pair into the ground. The only problem is having a space big enough to store your collection.

How many trainers do you own? Do you rotate your shoes across your runs?


Disclaimer: I received the trainers from Millet Sports in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

Berlin Marathon Training Week 1

I am writing this post, currently unable to fully straighten my leg, with a bag of broad beans on my knee, so week one of Berlin training really could have gone much better!

Picture 5

Mon: 1 mile run warm up + Total Body Blast Circuit
Tues: 6 mile Run to/from Spin + 45 min Spin + Hip Opening Yoga
Weds: Rest 3.6 mile Walk
Thurs: Lower Body Weights + 3.6 mile Walk
Fri: 4.4 mile Run to/from Spin + 45 min Spin + Upper Body Weights
Sat: 6.4 mile Run (inc Cardiff Parkrun) + 2.5 mile Walk
Sun: 10 mile Trail Run + 3 mile Hike + Hip Opening Yoga

So it’s been a fairly active week! I started to feel much better this week with the fatigue I’ve been dealing with lately, so hopefully that will continue to gradually improve. I’m not following a set plan for this marathon, I’m just running as and when I feel like it, trying to get 4-5 runs in a week and gradually increase my distance.

I’ve been continuing with the spin classes at Cyclebeat, using my 30 day pass. The class on Tuesday morning was absolutely brutal, probably the hardest one I’ve ever been to, it was so tough. Friday’s class I did not enjoy at all, my legs felt totally empty and weak so I just took it pretty easy instead. I’m enjoying weight workouts again, and definitely feel like that is going to help me in my marathon training.

My runs have been pretty solid as I ease back into things this week, I’ve been running to/from spin classes to get some miles in and save time in the process! On a positive I had a great run at Cardiff Parkrun on Saturday, clocking 26.01 (unofficial, think official was 26.19-shows how long it takes to cross the start line at Cardiff!) in pretty muggy conditions. It felt good to push it, but obviously that hasn’t helped the knee either.

The knee problem is a bit of a spanner in the works. It’s been lingering in the background since I started back running post ultra, it feels OK during runs but later when I’m in bed or the next day my left knee is really stiff/sore. It seems to be getting worse and yesterdays run was pretty awful.


I thought it was knackered trainers causing the knee issue but getting new ones doesn’t seem to have helped either, so now I’m at a loss as to what it is. I’m getting a massage tomorrow so hopefully that will help a bit, as I have extremely tight calves which I think might be contributing. Sometimes things like this flare up and then just go away, so I’m hoping that is the case here. I’ll continue to ice it, and lash in the turmeric.

After a mile on yesterdays run I was in so much pain with my leg that I actually cried, I was going to just stop (which I probably should of) but I thought if I got onto the trail it would be softer underfoot and the pain would ease up, which it did. Despite the pain, the run was a stunning one, I just don’t think there is anything as amazing as a good trail run. I took it very slowly (thanks knee) and just enjoyed the scenery. It was quite undulating, but I was pleased to get 10 miles in the legs, albeit injured ones. I probably shouldn’t have run at all, but with Hackney half this weekend, and having not really run over 3-4 miles since the ultra I wanted to get a little distance in them. Right now, I’m not even sure If I will be able to run Hackney unless the pain/stiffness eases up over the next week.


I’m visiting my parents in Cardiff for a few days and we had a beautiful 3 mile hike yesterday. It was so peaceful and quiet, just the sounds of nature and barely anybody else around. So beautiful!


The hike probably hasn’t helped my knee either, I think it just needs a little rest and sometime off my feet- I just struggle to do nothing though! I feel like I always put myself under immense pressure to fit so much in! Fingers crossed that this week is a better one, my knee magically heals and I can run Hackney this weekend!

A Birthday Week to Remember

This week has been absolutely crazy, with studying for lectures and an exam next week, trying to clean the house before we came home for the weekend, getting back into higher mileage, and it being my birthday week. I felt absolutely rushed off my feet, and I think if I was working at the moment as well I would have probably completely crashed and burned.


Last weekend we kicked off the celebrations in Greenwich, where we enjoyed watching Liverpool beating Man United before heading to a different pub and having one too many drinks with his work colleagues. Note to self: running 12 miles, an insufficient salad and 2.5 pints is not a good mix!

les mis

On Wednesday the actual day of my birthday I went to Ping Pong with my Brother and Aunt for a lovely birthday lunch, they had the set meals, and I chose a few dishes off the menu, all of which were delicious. In the evening I went to see Les Mis, which was absolutely amazing, it’s one of my favourite books of all time, and I loved the film, in fact I listen to the soundtrack quite often when I’m running…(lame I know!) so I knew I was going to love it. It was totally amazing. Not so amazing was the guy next to me who coughed and snivelled through the whole thing- Stay away I have a marathon in 2 weeks!

On Thursday I went out for dinner with my brother and Nick to a local Japanese restaurant Tenshi, the food was amazing, and I would definitely put it on my list of favourite local finds.

Yesterday after my lecture we made the trip back to Cardiff to see my parents for a long weekend. I am looking forward to a chilled few days after barely having time to sit down all week. I finished the birthday week in style with a Cardiff Parkrun, and my fastest run since Christmas Day: 27.27, it’s well off my PB and my sub 25 goal, but it’s getting there. The calf is still niggling, and with increased mileage this week, my legs are extremely heavy and tight, I just need to keep foam rolling, and stretching, but it’s taking up at least an hour of my day every day. If it gets me to the marathon sta

I had some lovely birthday gifts including:

asics gt 2000

vegan cookbooksvegan hamperharry potter

chia pods

Hilariously my brother saw them giving out free chia pods at one of the tube stations the day before my birthday, so he asked the rep if he could have a few as he’s a poor student and it was his sisters birthday so she gave him a whole tray plus some extras. My fridge is now full of them! So thank you The Chia Company.

Overall I’ve had an awesome-if busy- week and I hope 26 is a good year!

13 miles in the running bank

I felt refreshed after last weeks easier mileage week and ready to kick start the really hard few weeks of training. This week has been a busy one, full of cracking workouts.

Picture 3

The week started with an awesome 7 mile tempo run in 1.06, I ran 1 mile really slow to warm up, 5 miles tempo and 1 slow mile to cool down. I felt amazing throughout the middle 5 miles and the pace was faster than my goal half pace for all of the tempo miles. I was actually very close to breaking my 10k PB during this run so I was pretty chuffed. I followed this with an arms/abs LiveFit session.

Tuesday I did a 4.26 mile recovery jog to shake things out, the pace of this was 10.14, my very easy recovery runs are getting much quicker! I then did the most horrific leg workout ever, it was actually worse than last weeks! It was a load of big compound moves with heavy weights super-setted. It took 40 minutes, and I just felt like I was battling against it the whole time. So hard! I did some hip opening yoga in the evening which seemed to keep any soreness at bay.

On Wednesday I did a chest/abs LiveFit session, this was my second abs workout in a  few days, and my core was pretty sore after! I love how much easier I find the workouts the second week of doing them. I did a 20 minute gentle cycle to cool down.

I hit the dreadmill on Thursday for my interval session of the week. I did 4 miles in 37.20 including a slow 5 min warm up and cool down. Pretty good workout and I felt good throughout it. I did a quick LiveFit back session before the run. I’ve been running in my new Asics GT-2000 all week, so I am wearing them in, they feel pretty good. I don’t think they are quite as stable as my old ones, but they are a bit lighter and definitely more supportive than my worn out ones- no knee pain is a good sign!


Rest day Friday was so needed. I had a lovely chilled morning and baked Nick a spelt banana bread (he destroyed the last one!) before work. I was truly amazed by how much time I had without exercising!

Yesterday I got in this weeks long slow one of 13 miles, up to half distance for the first time this training cycle! I wasn’t sure what to wear because of the cooler mornings so I went for a thermal under my vest and this was perfect, it was a beautiful bright day, but there was a cool breeze, perfect for running.

I felt pretty good throughout this run, except at 2.5 miles when I rolled my ankle in a massive pothole in the grass. I stopped for a bit and was close to tears as I thought it was much worse initially, I checked it out and decided I would run on and see how it felt, it was fine so I continued and it was no bother after that.

I had some coconut water and electrolyte mix in my Camelbak and I had 2 Vega energy gels during the run. I got it done in around 2.19, around 20 minutes slower than I aiming for on race day, but I know it is best to run the long one 1.30-2 mins per mile slower and this has always worked for me in the past. I had an ice bath afterwards, and just ate all day! Serious Runger. I am aiming for another 13 miler next weekend and then it’s taper time. I did a short LiveFit shoulders session in the afternoon, I wasn’t really feeling it, but it was pretty light weights and over quickly. I created my own white choc macadamia Clif bars, even making my own vegan white chocolate chips and drizzle for them, I have to say they are pretty good, Nick said they were pretty close to the real ones.

DSCF6401This morning I wasn’t really feeling like running for the first time in months. I hadn’t slept well and was just feeling generally off, but I made myself get out there and get it done. I had a gentle 4 mile recovery run in brutally windy conditions, I felt like I was moving backwards for the most part! I just did a quick hip opening yoga session after work to loosen things up for the week ahead.

I am up to 32 miles for this week which is pretty high for me, I’ll probably do something similar next week and then start dropping mileage in time for race day. Not long to go now.

Set back week

After 3 weeks of heavy training I like to take an “easier” week and drop my mileage, it gives my legs a rest and keeps my body and mind fresh for the tough training weeks ahead. I took a “set-back” week last week, dropping my runs from 5 to 4, cutting out speed/tempo sessions and significantly dropping my mileage from 29 to 18 miles. I carried on lifting weights during this time and had some tough sessions, but my legs are feeling super after the lower mileage week.

Picture 3

I started the week with a slow recovery jog of 4.35 miles on Monday to shake the legs out, it ended up being 10.18 pace which is on the quicker side for my recovery ones and I felt extremely comfortable which shows me that I am definitely improving. I started phase 2 of LiveFit, the workouts get seriously intense in this phase, much heavier weights and supersets make them more challenging. I did arms/abs and carried on with my cutting the rest breaks from 1 min to 30 secs to shorten the workouts.

On Tuesday I got in a brutal leg workout before work. It was so tough, loads of step ups (ugh), squats and lunges and I just knew I was going to be so sore! I had a 10 minute cycle after to cool down and did some hip opening yoga in the evening to loosen things up.

Wednesday was recovery jog day, and it was needed after that leg day, I was so sore! I did 4.22 miles on an early morning before work.

On Thursday I did another gentle 4.14 mile recovery run, my legs were still sore from the leg session! I did a LiveFit back workout which was a short but tough one. I did hip opening yoga in the evening to loosen up my legs for my long one of the week on Friday. I also picked up these baby’s after work:


The shock absorption on my old Asics 2170’s had totally gone, they were over 450 miles in, and around 8 months old so I upgraded to the Asics GT 2000. These weren’t in the colours I wanted, but they were more reasonable so I had to weigh that up! They are a little more snug fitting than the 2170’s and narrower, but they are comfy and they feel much better than my worn out ones!

I switched my long run to Friday as the forecast looked bad for the weekend and we were doing a full day trip to Northern Ireland on Sunday. I took out my new runners for a spin, took it slow and easy, did 6.25 miles in 1.06. It was bloody freezing out there, I don’t think it is vest weather early in the morning any more! How quickly have the temperatures dropped?! I did a short LiveFit shoulders workout before work.


On Saturday I did my final weight workout of the week:chest/abs. I definitely did not save the best until last. This was savage, I actually felt sick after it! I cycled for 15 minutes to cool down and try and recover ha!

Yesterday we went to Northern Ireland to visit the Giant’s Causeway, it was supposed to be a rest day, but we actually ended up doing a lot of walking, it was really beautiful though, a few miles along some coastal paths and the weather was perfect too!


That is the state of our shoe rack right now, and they are all mine. Running shoe problem?!

All in all it was a pretty active week, but I am feeling pretty good and refreshed at the start of this week. I had a fantastic 7 mile tempo run this morning, which gave me loads of confidence and made me pretty excited about the next 3 weeks of training- ready to work extra hard!!

My runger has been completely out of control the last few days, I am hungry all the freaking time, and nothing satisfies it, it’s ridiculous!

How do you satisfy the runger?

What was your best workout this week?