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WIAW- Conscious Cleanse Underway

I can’t believe how quickly the last week has gone, it’s WIAW time again! These are my eats from Saturday which was the first day of my 2 week Conscious Cleanse experiment.


I started the day with a mason jar of hot water and lemon and my daily Brazil nut. Then I made this amazingly delicious raw buckwheat porridge for breakfast, I topped it with banana and chia seeds to fuel up for my long run. I am sticking to the cleanse recipes for the most part and then just adding in other cleanse approved bits to top up meals/snacks if need be.


After a little while I headed out for my long run of 10 miles. My legs felt pretty tired throughout but I managed to push through it with the help of 2 Vega energy gels, these are the best gel’s I have ever tasted and have awesome natural ingredients! Not on the cleanse list, but the all the ingredients are, I needed the little extra today to get through my run. I also had 500ml of coconut water diluted with water in my camelbak which I take on any run over 7-8 miles.


I finished up my run in Marlay park and Nick came and met me to look round the farmers market, he brought me a banana from home as I was pretty hungry at that point. I bought some peaches, chard, mushrooms, olives and some dried dates and figs. I also resisted the vegan ice cream although it looked amazing and was made with cashews, avocado, agave and other good ingredients!  I had 2 of the dried figs and Nick had the others while we were walking home!


By the time we got home it was mid afternoon and I was very hungry, I whipped up this super big easy salad, a mix of greens, radish, cucumber, shredded carrot, mixed sprouts, wakame, a squeeze of lime and some omega oil and topped it with chickpeas for extra protein. The protein each day is optional, and I definitely needed it today!


Later on I made some amazing new energy balls using nut pulp, medjools and raw almond butter. I’ll post the recipe later in the week, I sneaked one- delicious! These are definitely my favourite use for nut pulp I have tried!


Then I made a lovely green smoothie with frozen blueberry’s, banana, chard, hemp seeds, water, maca, barley-grass, spirulina, chlorella, a scoop of natural Sunwarrior + lashings of cinnamon! Again Sunwarrior isn’t on the cleanse meal plans, but it’s raw vegan and the natural flavour is unsweetened and I felt like I needed it for the recovery!

The day went so quickly and after I chilled out for a little bit it was time to make dinner. I made a huge batch of stir fried veggies: onion, garlic, ginger, green beans, zucchini, peas, carrot, red cabbage and broccoli and served atop 1 cup of brown rice with a drizzle of cold pressed sesame oil.


I finished up the evening with a pear and some blueberries and a small protein pudding made with sunwarrior, brazil nut milk and raw almond butter.


Probably not the best day to start a cleanse on a day when you run 10 miles but the great thing is the plan is very flexible, it’s all about making it work for you and giving your body what it needs which I definitely did on that day.

Vegan Kitchen Part 2- Fridge

I also had a bit of a tidy up and clean of the fridge while I was on my kitchen “winter” cleaning duties the other day. I find it difficult to clean the fridge because most of the time there is so much fruit and veg in there I can’t actually see into it!

This is a look into my fridge this week, the contents vary on a weekly basis depending on what is on offer, what I have planned to make and what is seasonal/local. I often go to my local farmers market and stock up there, but I’ve been working the last few Saturdays so have had to stick to the supermarket instead.

Fully stocked

That is pretty much what my fridge looks like on a daily basis, and it’s a bit of a nightmare, sometimes it’s so full I just forget what is lurking at the back of the fridge!


I keep all my nuts + seeds in the fridge as I find it keeps them fresher. I always have my superfood seeds on hand: milled flax, chia seeds and hemp seeds. I always use at least one of these during each day, and sometimes all of them! Got to love those omegas! There is also a massive bag of raw almonds lurking behind the other seeds there, always on hand for snacking and making almond butter!

Apples are again a total staple, I always buy organic as apples are the number 1 pesticide ridden food. I find they taste much nicer, although they are pricey! I usually have a large bag of kale/spinach on hand for green smoothies, this one was enormous taking up almost the whole shelf of the fridge and it was only 1 euro!

Then we tend to get into fruits/veggies and leftovers. There are always multiple tupperwares with different leftover beans/grains or meals in the fridge. Something also easy on hand to grab and throw in salads is a great help throughout the week.

I usually always have a pineapple on hand as they are consistently cheap throughout the year. Pears are also another staple, I like to keep them in the fridge as they last longer. At the moment I have kiwis and clementines hiding at the back of the fridge, both were on offer so I stocked up as they keep quite well past their dates too.

The tupperwares were filled with raw almond pate, raw fudgy brownies, chickpea + quinoa burgers + black beans. There are also some mung + lentil sprouts from the happy pear hiding out there too. I love throwing them on top of soups or salads for a little extra nutrition boost. I am sprouting my own alfafa at the moment and it is coming along nicely!

Next we have an assortment of random veg and fruit, open lemons and root ginger which I use for my morning hot water, lemon and ginger. Garlic cloves which I always have on hand alongside onions, and some leftover zucchini for zucchini noodles! Also some leftover squash, not something I buy very regularly- I am ever hopeful that I will find kabocha in Ireland one day! Organic broccoli again is another weekly staple, along with fresh herbs now that mine have died off, coriander, parsley and basil are my favourites. I also had some parsnips + leeks on hand this week to make some soup. Of course it wouldn’t be a vegan fridge without hummus! I do tend to make my own but I’ve been so busy lately I’ve resorted to shop bought!

Stuffed drawers!

Then we come to the drawers which again are stuffed full of produce. I always have organic salad on hand usually some mix of watercress/spinach/rocket, organic cherry tomatoes, organic celery and cucumbers. This is my usual staple mix for salads + fresh juices so I will buy those pretty much every week.

The other drawer is used for more root vegetables, so sweet potatoes another weekly staple-hello sweet potato fries! Mushrooms-we eat a lot whether in marinara sauce or stir fries. Scallions, red onions and beets round out the drawer. Oh and some white potatoes in there for Nick’s thanksgiving roast potatoes- I prefer sweet myself!


I use the side drawers for condiments and an array of seeds! I don’t usually buy non-dairy milk- sadly I can’t get unsweetened almond breeze in Dublin yet :( . I do make my own hemp or almond milks from time to time, other than that I just make smoothies and porridge with water. I like to use up old glass jars to store salad dressings, this one was an Asian style dressing and it was so good!

I always have my Udo’s oil on hand, it’s a blend of oils giving a good dose of Omega’s 3-6-9, I put a spoon into my smoothie everyday. I don’t always have the Pukka Aloe Vera juice on hand, but after my stomach bug pre marathon I started using it, so I have a spoon or two in my morning glass of water. I am also currently taking the Optibac daily well-being probiotics after the stomach bug.

I have an entire side drawer dedicated to seeds and nuts. I always have sesame, pumpkin (my personal favourite) and sunflower seeds on hand, I use them mostly in salads, stir fries and for raw bars/balls. I also have some pecans at the moment for my raw pecan pie for Thanksgiving! I mostly just have almonds on hand, but occasionally I’ll have walnuts or cashews too.

The next drawer up is Nick’s stuff so butter, cheese, ketchup, salsa, mint sauce and peanut butter. Of course I always have some almond butter (Despite the blog title it’s my favourite!) and dark tahini on hand too!

So that’s it, that’s my standard vegan fridge, it wouldn’t tend to vary too much week by week, and in terms of other fresh food I would have bananas, mangos and avocados on hand too which I tend to keep out of the fridge.

What are your fridge staples?

Do you cook big batches of beans/grains and store them for the week?

Do you go to your local farmers market for fresh produce?

Monday Munchies

Ever have those days where you just feel so hungry all day, it does not matter what you eat, the feeling just won’t go away…yeah..that was me today!

I think I know why it happened, I had virtually no protein with my dinner last night which I know is a post-run error! I have certainly paid the price today. Will have to experiment with eating more protein post-run.

Today started as always with oatmeal:

Good morning Oats

I don’t usually use the sachets but this morning I felt lazy, so just took the easy option! I cooked them with half a banana in and topped with the other half and some small brazil nuts. I accompanied this with a kiwi:

Yes I eat the kiwi with the skin on

I eat kiwi’s with the skin on. Many people have told me this is simply not normal?! Thoughts and opinions? Skin on? Skin off? I think that most of the good stuff is probably in the skin so that is why I eat it….that and I am far too lazy to peel it anyway.

I was starving my lunchtime so I made OIAJ:

Empty jar

Much better

My oats were topped with flaxseed and some dates and were delicious. The SunPat nut butter jars are a nightmare though, so awkwardly shaped that it is impossible to get all the deliciousness out!

Post lunch I impulsively decided to go for a bike ride. Bearing in my mind I got a bike for Christmas and have used it for about 10 minutes since that point. The weather was too good to pass up and I wanted a break from running, so I went for it. I cycled down to a local park and back, it was 8.5 miles in total which I was fairly chuffed with, considering my lack of cycling lately. My legs are now paying the price for this!Stopped at the lake for a little break

I stopped at the lake half way around for a little break. The park is really beautiful though my picture does not give this impression! The last mile of so I found a bit tough as it was hilly, but I am glad I pushed through.

I came back to put my bike away and what should happen as I am wheeling it around but the back gate slammed shut, I thought I would be able to lift the handle on the gate but it was not working from my side of the fence. Fail.

Nobody else was home or home any time soon and I did not have my key with. I had also taken my shoes off and left them the other side of the gate. Double fail. So I was trapped on the other side of this:

I managed to find a chair in the garage which I used for a boost and then I was stuck on top of the wall thinking “how the hell am I going to get down?” I would have jumped if I had shoes on but barefoot jumping onto concrete from height seemed like a bad idea so I decided to lower myself which worked, though apparently I have damaged the trellis!

Post-drama I refueled with some falafel, oatcakes and hummus. Then I decided to whip up a tiny batch of Angela’s Raw Almond Butter

Raw almondy goodness

So yummy, I enjoyed it with some apple slices.

I was absolutely starving all day, so decided to cook a massive dinner. I usually like to eat lightly for dinner, but today I needed something a bit heavier.

Got carbs?

Big pile of steamed kale, absolutely massive sweet potato topped with tahini and simply spiced quinoa.

Simply Spiced Quinoa:

  • 50g Quinoa
  • 200ml Veg stock
  • Pinch of Cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 tsp of cumin, tumeric and garam masala

Boil the Quinoa for 10 minutes with the stock and spices, then let it absorb for 15-20 minutes. So yummy and so simple.

I finished with a fruit salad, I am now absolutely shattered and have decided that I need to work a lot harder on how I am fueling my body pre and post exercise. How do you like to fuel pre and post exercise?