Hanson’s Marathon Method Month 1

I’m already into week 8 of the Hanson’s Marathon Method beginner plan, time seems to be flying by this summer. This is the first Autumn race I’ve trained for in years, and with all this hot weather I now remember why! I started the beginner plan on week 3, as the first two weeks were easy base mileage, and I was recovering from NDW50 and still had decent miles in my legs.

I spent the first 3 weeks of the plan, getting back into running, with some light mileage weeks (20-25miles), just to shake off the cobwebs from a few weeks of rest and ease back into running. I know I won’t have lost my endurance completely in those 2 weeks, but it always feels hard to get back into it after a break.


For week 1 of my training I was in Wales staying with my parents, they helped to look after my dog for the best part of 3 weeks while we were having our bathroom renovated, and I stayed with them for over a week to escape the chaos at home too. This meant I could get lots of nice easy runs in, in a different location, and some Cardiff parkrun’s too. On the weekend of the Champions League final we had to run an alternate, alternate course, as the regular and alternate courses were unavailable due to the football, it was a really nice route, more like a cross country and a bit hillier than the usual course, but nice for a change. This was my fastest parkrun in a while at 24.56, slightly surprising given the terrain and elevation. I am creeping closer to that PB (24.12) again, though I probably won’t be attempting it for a while as the weekend runs on Hanson’s are at long run (9.38mm) or easy pace (10-10.40mm).

Week 2 was another week of decent mileage. I did a really hilly run up to Castell Coch on the Taff Trail while in Wales, and put in a decent parkrun at Southwark of 25.27, despite feeling pretty crummy after just getting my period.


Week 3 I did my first speed session in ages. I looked at Hanson’s plan and saw 12 x 400m on next week’s plan for the first speed session, and had a sight panic. I just did 5 x 400m, with 400m recovery’s to ease back in as my body is not used to any speedwork at all. This was the start of the June heatwave, with temps reaching 30+ in London, so I felt pretty tired and sluggish out there all week. I have felt much better running this week (early July) in the heat and sun, so I think my body has started to get used to it now, but back in June I was really struggling. Unfortunately, I got a couple of really bad bites while volunteering all night on the SDW100, and they just got worse over the course of 10 days so I had to go on antibiotics for a week, and fingers crossed it has sorted it out. Not ideal though.


Week 4 was the first proper week of training. My mileage jumped from early 20’s to almost 40 miles this week, and I also increased from 5 runs a week, to 6. This will be the first time I’ve run 6 times a week during a training plan so I am interested to see how my body copes with this. On the Hanson’s plan, Mon/Fri/Sat are easy days, Tues Intervals, Thurs tempo and Sunday long run, I like how it’s all set out and knowing exactly what I have to do that day. I did my first speedwork session of 8 miles in boiling conditions, I took a while to get used to using my watch and didn’t hit my target pace once during the reps although I was using my Garmin in miles rather than meters and I think that would explain it. I really enjoyed the new challenge of speedwork and trying to hit the required pace. I swapped my tempo run to Friday this week as Thursday was extremely hot and humid, and it turned out to be the right decision. My tempo pace is 8.58, and I had no problem hitting this for 5 miles with a one mile warm up and cool down. This was another really enjoyable run, I’m having to use my watch a lot at the moment, but hopefully I can start to trust in my own pacing soon. This week had two weekend runs of 8 miles to ease back into longer runs, these were my longest runs since the NDW50 in May, so it was good to put in some higher mileage.


I’ve been sticking to my three gyms sessions a week (push, pull, legs with a bit of core each time) and so far it’s working out fine, I feel good during my sessions, it’s just a case of training in the gym at the right times so I can recover for the really big run sessions. The mileage stays kind of steady for the next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to more of these speed sessions.

Week 1: 23 miles
Week 2: 21.6 miles
Week 3: 25 miles
Week 4: 39 miles

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  1. Those bites look painful! Were they itchy? A great week of running though Lauren.

  2. Running six days a week is something I’d love to do but I’m a bit hesitant to do because I’d worry my body would break. I think I’d need to slow down a good number of my runs as well.
    Well done on your mileage and training – sounds like it’s going well :)

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