Berlin Marathon Training Week 9

Warning, this is just going to feature me moaning about being injured again, sorry! My new knee pain that flared up last week has continued throughout this week. The weirdest thing is that I barely notice it when I’m walking or doing other workouts, but it comes on about 2 miles into a run, and builds until I can run no longer.

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Mon: Rest 3.3 mile Walk + Yoga
Tues: 2.7 mile Walk + TFBR Upper Body Weights + Belly Shred
Weds: 4 mile Run + TFBR Leg Weights
Thurs: TFBR Upper Body Weights + Belly Shred
Fri: 6 mile Run
Sat: 8 mile Run + 2 mile Hobble + Yoga
Sun: 3.3 mile Walk + TFBR Plyo Blaze + Belly Shred

I took a few days off running at the beginning of the week after the horror of last week’s long run. On Weds I went out for a 4 mile run, I could feel the knee start to niggle about 2 miles in, so I called it a day at 4. It was so hot as I had gone out around midday that I had to stop at Whole foods on the way back for a coconut water ice lolly!


We went to Le Pain on Wednesday evening and had a lovely meal, I had a meal sized salad 😀 featuring lentils, fennel and chickpeas and finished with the coconut milk chia pudding which was delicious. Although expensive, Le Pain is definitely one of my favourite food spots in London, there is so much great Vegan food on offer, and Nick can get his meat fix too!


Friday’s run was the best I’ve had in ages (up until about 5 miles). I felt great, my legs felt fresh, and my knee was barely bothering me, until it gradually made an appearance and the last mile was pretty painful. I was so hungry by this last mile that I had to stop at the farmers market and buy some plums, which I demolished on the way home!

I was not overly happy about having to attempt my long run on Saturday (due to the hurricane forecast on Sun) as I’m trying not to run back to back days right now. I think from the outset I knew that it wasn’t going to go well, but I was trying to stay positive. I’d run less than a mile when I could feel the knee pain building, and by the time I’d got to Cardiff parkrun at 3.5 miles things weren’t looking good.

I stopped for a few minutes before parkun by which point my knee had totally seized up, I couldn’t bend it at all. After some stretching it felt much better, so I edgily headed off on a very gentle jog round parkrun. Unfortunately 1.5 miles in, my knee completely gave way (apologies for anyone who witnessed the cursing!) and I had to have a little stop and stretch, this then happened again and to be honest I probably should have stopped at either of those points but I carried on to hobble home about 8 minutes outside my pb. Not ideal.

I jogged back for about a mile post parkrun which was about all my leg could handle, as I then couldn’t bend it and could barely walk, although it had eased up by the time I hobbled home. 8 miles at this point in marathon training is just nowhere near good enough, I wouldn’t mind so much about the distance if I was running it comfortably, but I’m not, I’m in pain, and every step is a battle, which makes me wonder if I should bother trying to run at all before Berlin?!

I’m so aware and conscious of the injury now, and almost waiting for it to flare up, which I don’t think is a very good thing. I just don’t know how I can distract myself to not be aware of it before the pain comes on. I know pain is not a good sign, and I shouldn’t keep pushing through it, but I worry how I’m going to get round Berlin if I don’t get any kind of decent mileage in. Perhaps I would be better to just rest it, and actually be able to get round the race, regardless of running fitness. I’m not sure, I’ll probably regret whatever I decided to do.

Away from running, I started Phase 3 of the Fat Burn Revolution, the workouts have been shorter which is great, although they’ve been seriously tough! Incidentally I don’t feel any pain in my knee when I do these workouts, which I just find bizarre.


I guess I need to decide whether to rest the legs completely again or carry on trying to run. My mileage is so low right now that it wouldn’t make much difference if I didn’t run at all anyway. I still have a little bit of time, but that is quickly ebbing away, and I don’t want to be still dealing with this a week or so before the race. I just got new trainers, switching from the Asics GT-2000 to the Gel Kayano so we’ll see if that makes any difference once I try them out! Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hey Lauren – I feel your pain with the knee injury and just by looking at your weekly schedules even though you have rest days you are always doing something on them. I love an active lifestyle but found that for my body to totally heal and re-set it had to be complete rest for a few weeks (3 complete weeks for me). Even if you’re doing upper body work your body is working hard to up there and not providing the true healing power it needs to to the rest of the injured body.

    100 people had to tell me this before it finally sunk into my head and yes it sucked doing nothing and I totally felt the weight gain and loss of fitness, but none of that really mattered when I got back up and running healthier than ever.

    Good luck with it all and hopefully it all clears up soon!

    • Hey Laura. Thanks for the comment, I was wondering about that, as I do a lot of walking on a daily basis too which I think is probably not helping, even though I only have pain when I am running. It’s totally hard to get it in my head that rest is best, but like you said if I can get back to running healthily then it will all be worth it!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your knee Lauren. I second what Laura said, maybe some complete rest days are needed to give it a chance to heal? It may not be that you can feel it through some of the workouts but they might still be aggravating them?
    I say this as someone who has never run a marathon though – I’m sure you’re much more of an expert on this kind of stuff than me!

    • Thanks Claire. Yes I think maybe even though it doesn’t feel like it’s doing any damage, it is probably not helping things. I’m going to try and ease back on the walking too.

  3. Hi Lauren,
    Leah told me about your blog since you ran Dublin a few years back, and I plan to run it this year, so I came here to read your recap and now I see you are injured…I am dealing with the very same thing. :( Is it the outer edge of your knee that hurts – as in, IT band issues? I know I need to rest to let it heal but it is so hard when there is a marathon coming up! Best of luck with it.

    • Hi Kathy,
      Dublin is amazing! Still my favourite race ever! Yes it’s outside of the knee, I’m pretty sure it’s ITB although haven’t been to physio yet, I’ve never suffered with it before, so bit of a strange one for me. Yeah I’m so focused on the marathon that it is really hard to completely rest it. Good luck to you too!

  4. Sorry to read this Lauren- I would think that it is better to take some more rest as the pain would show that something still needs to heal. It is weird that you only get the pain when running- perhaps the new trainers will help?

    • Yeah I’m taking a few running rest days, it already feels a bit better today so we shall see, I’m just hoping it’s one of those things that disappears as quickly as it came on. I really hope the new trainers help.

  5. I hope your knee pain is ok, sounds like you’re doing the right thing by taking some rest. Hopefully your new trainers help!

  6. Hope your knee gets sorted, I know it’s been a long…long time since I ran but I’ll never forget the frustration of when my knee was injured. I know I found that total rest was the only thing that seemed to help and if you have time it might be worth it but you know your body best :-)

    • Thanks Laura, I know it’s so hard to get my head round that, especially when Berlin is so close, but it’s really the only thing that will help I think.

  7. I would say better to take like two weeks full rest (or however long you need before you literally can’t feel it bugging you at all on a run) than keeping the injury ticking along by running on it and not letting it heal. I know this really sucks :( I hope you get better soon!

    • Yeah I know, I think because I’ve missed so many weeks of training so far, the thought of missing another 1-2 weeks is not registering as an option, but ideally I’d like to be able to do Berlin pain free, so guess I need to do whatever it takes.

  8. It sucks that you are still injured, I really feel for you :-( My husband is in a similar situation at the moment (you saw my post on TNR FB group), he has been advised to take complete rest for a week and he goes back on Thursday to have it looked at again. He feels the same, that it is difficult to take complete rest when he is trying to train for a race, but in the long-term it’s going to be the best option. I hope the new trainers make a difference.

    • Thanks Lucy. I’ve rested it for about 3 weeks completely in the last few months so it’s hard to get my head round taking any more time off! Fingers crossed for the new shoes!

  9. Talk about being ‘so hungry’, and ‘seriously tough’ other workouts, and persistent injuries.. It really looks like you’re overtraining and under-fuelling. Just try to give yourself a break, and relax :).

    • I really don’t think I can be overtraining when my mileage is so low, I was doing 50-60 mile weeks earlier in the year comfortably, so I wouldn’t consider this too much. I was ‘so hungry’ because I was doing a fasted run and hadn’t had breakfast, I am never usually under-fuelled. Thanks for the input though :)

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