Om Yoga Magazine July/August


The latest Om Yoga magazine is a bumper double issue, with plenty of great features once again. I have a few other magazine subscriptions, but this is quickly becoming my favourite monthly read due to the sheer variety of articles.

Articles that caught my eye this month were the guide to the best online yoga sites on the planet. I love going to yoga classes but they are very expensive, so I tend to do most of my yoga at home, it’s also easier to just fit in a quick 20 minute session too. I really enjoyed the guide to the best places to look online.

There was also a great article on yoga and physiotherapy as the perfect healing combination. Having suffered with injuries for large portions of this year, I have used both yoga and physio for rehab and prevention of injuries and I think the two complement each other really well.


My favourite article this month was-unsurprisingly-another foodie one! Since we have been sorting/moving out of the house, I have been very reliant on simple easy meals, and that has meant eating a whole lot of raw foods. Unprocessed, unheated, just really simple food as it’s meant to be. I unintentionally ate completely raw for a full week while the move was going on, and it just seemed the perfect thing to do as I didn’t want to be cooking in the ridiculous heat in London. I think my body naturally craves a lot more raw foods in the summer time too.


I have eaten out a few times over the last week, and been visiting my parents so have eaten more cooked foods, but I definitely want to continue incorporating more raw foods into my diet. I really enjoy experimenting with raw foods, and will continue to base my diet around them, particularly in the summertime.


The article in Om Yoga focuses on raw foods for well-being. Raw foods have higher nutritional value than their cooked equivalents, as well as lots of phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes which aid digestion which are degraded when food is heated to about 40 degrees Celsius. I’ve been eating loads of smoothies, salads, raw soups, nuts/seeds and tonnes of avocado!! Raw Imagination’s amazing raw sandwiches have been a handy treat as well! I really did feel very good when I was eating just raw foods and it’s something I’d like to experiment with a lot more once we get settled in our new place.

8 Responses to Om Yoga Magazine July/August

  1. I’m really getting into yoga, I must try this. I’m always disappointed with the running magazines. I’ll see if my Sainbos has it!

  2. I agree the heat definitely makes me lean towards more raw, unprocessed foods. I’ve been enjoying the magazine too, I’m glad I was offered an opportunity to read it!

    • I really like the mix of topics it covered. I feel like my body naturally craves more raw foods at this time of year, and warm comforting foods in winter.

  3. In the summer hot foods just don’t appeal that much- although we ordered loads of salad bits with our shopping (coming today) and today it is really cold! Cups of tea alongside salads I think it will be!

  4. I love Om Yoga Mag! I get it every month and get excited when it drops through my letter box!

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