Berlin Marathon Training Week 8- Another week, Another Injury!

This marks the halfway point of Berlin training, and I’m hoping the second half will be better than the first. I’ve missed several weeks completely, had several weeks of low mileage, and am struggling through my runs at the minute with niggles, or heavy legs making it tough. This week was another bad one:

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Mon: 6 mile Run + 3.5 mile Walk
Tues: Metabolic Blaster (Upper Body Weights/Hiit intervals) + 3.6 mile Walk
Weds: 4 mile Interval Run + Lower Body Weights/Core
Thurs: Upper Body Weights/Core + 3 mile Walk
Fri: 4 mile Run
Sat: Rest: Hip Opening Yoga + 2.3 mile Walk
Sun: 8 mile Run + 2 mile Hobble

I went to see my physio on Monday, he said there was no major issues, and it’s just a build up of smaller issues from overuse, effectively I need rest which I will be gladly taking after Berlin. He told me to take another week off completely, but after having two OK runs last week I thought I would listen to my body and just run if it felt OK, I couldn’t really face taking another week off totally.


I had such a busy stressful few days with the move, cleaning the house/garden and moving some stuff to my brothers that I just felt exhausted during Monday’s run, I’d barely had any sleep the few days before and I really felt it during this run.

Wednesday was my last canal run while living in Angel which was sad! I love running the canal, and I will massively miss it when we move. I did an interval run to test out the legs and they didn’t feel too bad, although I’ve lost a massive amount of speed and fitness.

I did manage to get onto the canal for a bit during Friday’s run as Stoke Newington isn’t much further than Angel. Sadly I tweaked my opposite knee during that run and unfortunately the sharp pain on my outer knee got worse and worse during my attempted 13 mile run today. I had to stop after 8 miles as the pain was so sharp and severe that I was unable to run any more. I had a frustrating 2 mile hobble home, and there were plenty of tears along the way.


I really despair at this, I just can’t understand when I’m barely running why I’m picking up so many injuries. I’m pretty sure my trainers are to blame and I’m looking to change them at the minute. I only got this pair a few months back and I have been running in Asics GT 2170/2000 for the last 5 years but these new GT 2000 v2 are horrible. I’ve noticed the sizing has got increasingly dodgy in Asics lately as well, I am a regular size 5, but have always worn size 6 Asics, these ones are size 6.5 and they are so tight on my feet and uncomfortable its ridiculous.

I’ve spent the day researching if I can defer Berlin entry, I just don’t know if I can put myself physically or mentally through 8 more weeks of this. This year has just been appalling for injuries, and I’m not sure I can take much more of it. This month I’ve only managed to run 55 miles, which I was doing per week earlier in the year. It’s disappointing and frustrating, not just in terms of Berlin but because I adore running and I just can’t enjoy it right now. I’m going to spend the next week or so thinking about it, and if I do decide to do the race, it might have to be a run/walk strategy just to make it round.

I finished Phase 2 of the Fat Burn Revolution. I managed to move my weights up to my brothers tiny flat in Stoke Newington where we are staying for a few weeks, and did manage to get one of my workouts done there. Hopefully I won’t be too restricted in the Phase 3 workouts either. I’m not sure whether I should stop doing the workouts all together until I sort my legs out to be honest, I really enjoy them, but I need to prioritize running.

Onwards to the second half of training, things can’t get much worse right now so hopefully there will be a positive twist somewhere along the way!

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  1. I’m so sorry to read this Lauren, it totally sucks and I can’t imagine how frustrated you must be feeling. I don’t think deferring the marathon is the worst thing, why not give yourself a decent whack of time to fully recover and rest before accepting a long distance challenge – maybe train for some half marathons instead?

    • Thanks Claire. My only issue with deferring it, is we’ve booked a holiday around it, the race was really expensive, and I really want to do it! Need to have a think about it.

  2. I can kind of understand how frustrated you must be feeling :-( You’ve not had a great year in terms of injury (nor have I either to be honest) but just do what you can. Like I Tweeted, you do still have time and even if you don’t hit the big mileage I think the best you can do is consistent running when you can – even if it’s shorter runs. You’re body knows how to run long distances. Though not entirely recent I’m sure your previous longer distance races will help – even if mentally knowing your body is capable of completing them. I hope things get better for you.

    • I think it’s been worse in that I’ve never suffered before, so this year has been a bit of a shock to the system. I’m more concerned really about being able to run at all, no matter the distance. When I did the Manchester marathon I never ran above 13 miles thanks to injury and I got round although it was a bloody struggle. Thanks Anna.

  3. Oh No! Sorry to hear your suffering hopefully it won’t take long to fix and you can get back on track with your training….p.s I love that sick absorber sports bra I have it and find it on of the best I’ve used!

  4. Hi there – I’m just round the corner in Islington and thinking of deferring this year – is it possible ?

    • I’m really not sure. I can’t seem to find anything on their website, so might have to email them maybe to find out? Are you injured too?

  5. Is there a time cut off for Berlin? I wonder if not you could do a run/walk instead? Stockholm had a 6 hour strict cut off (the car drove along behind the final runners picking up the signs and re-opening the roads)- I was very nervous about that. But if it was 8 hours or whatever then you could do it with no pressure. Then you could enjoy your holiday a bit more?

    • I’m not sure actually, haven’t looked into it. I think I’m probably going to have to run/walk it as I’m getting in nowhere near enough mileage to be able to run the whole thing. I’ve just looked and it’s 6.15, which should be fine, if it does turn bad!

  6. yes, you can defer – I received the forms within 24 hrs.
    Sod it – I’m going to do it anyway…

    • I’m doing it anyway, I’ve decided too. I’ll probably feel like I have unfinished business with it either way, but I’m just going to do it, and hope for the best!

  7. now that’s the spirit… give it 100% and leave it all the race course.

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