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Ultra Training Week 8: Physio

This week has been another mostly frustrating one in terms of injury, but there has been some light at the end of the tunnel! February has been a total right off since I did the Longman Trail Race on the 2nd, I’ve run about 4 times and that is it. I didn’t even cycle, swim or do anything else as I thought I had torn my calf, and didn’t want to make it any worse.


Things reached breaking point on Wednesday when my family came to visit for the day for my Mums birthday, we did some touristy things and lots of walking (8 miles) of which I was in pain and limping for every single step. I didn’t want to ruin the day so I just got on with it, but I was in so much pain when I tried to go to bed that evening, my whole body hurt and I ended up crying myself to sleep.


Thankfully on Thursday I had my physio appointment. I saw Jonathan at Six Physio Moorgate, and he was excellent. After a quick history, he made me do a few exercises which confirmed it wasn’t a tear, then I did some other ones, and within 10-15 minutes of me being in the appointment, we knew exactly what the problem was. Not a tear at all, but a neurological problem with the sciatic nerve which runs from the spinal cord right down the side of both legs. I don’t whether it was the race that caused the problem, whether it was just building up from something else, or whether something like my fall down the stairs a few months back started the issue.

He worked on lots of manipulation techniques and pressure points- some of them were bloody painful, as well as some massage to the area. We also looked at my walking on the treadmill which highlighted my left hip dropping and when I plant my left foot it’s almost twisted inwards, like a corkscrew motion, not good. So I am making a much more concerted effort with my posture when I am walking and sitting.


He taped the area with KT Tape to de-load some of the pressure, and it was unbelievable, I actually walked the 2 miles home in barely any pain compared to the day before. He designed a program of stretches which I am doing twice a day, and some strengthening moves every other day. I have already noticed a huge difference, and am walking virtually pain free now which is insane when I was hobbling around in pain only a few days before.

On Friday I walked 3 miles, and on Saturday I dug out my bike for the first time in the best part of a year and headed to Victoria Park for a cycle, I did 10 miles, and was super jealous of all the runners I was passing! I don’t massively enjoy cycling, I find it hard, and my hybrid bike is heavy and I feel so slow on it- might steal the other halfs this week instead! I felt good on the ride, I just stopped at the 5 mile point to have a stretch and ensure everything felt ok with the body. I also had a 4 mile walk in the afternoon, there were some minor twinges, but on the whole the calf felt good.

This morning I was going to go swimming, but I wasn’t really up early enough. I had a little 3 mile walk, and felt really good, if I didn’t know there was something wrong I’d think I was totally fine! We also stumbled upon Cookies and Scream a Vegan Gluten Free bakery in Camden, it was amazing, we shared the most delicious Peanut Butter Cookie. I love that they use unrefined ingredients. Have to visit again some time!

I have physio again on Tuesday, and I am hoping will be given the green light for running soon! I am itching to get back out there, but obviously have to take it slow, and listen to my body. Until then I’ll keep on with the exercises and hopefully I am heading in the right direction. I am still hoping to make Manchester Marathon but after missing virtually 4 weeks of training of any sort, it’s going to be a tough ask.