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Trainer Rotation

My other half and anyone that knows me will tell you that I live in trainers, I have stacks of them, in fact I think I own less than a handful of shoes that aren’t trainers. At any one time I have 4-5 pairs in rotation, and just checking through my cupboard I’ve realised I have around 10 pairs of trainers currently, and I thought I had got rid of quite a few too!


I tend to run in a pair until I feel like they are getting a bit battered, or I start to feel like I’m getting some niggles or knee pain. This varies per shoe but generally I find I get around 400 miles out of a pair before they get relegated to walking shoes, this can be pretty expensive when you are running high mileage though, Strava just suggested that I need to replace my current Adidas ultra boosts which I got for my birthday less than 5 weeks ago! My current rotation includes my long time favourite Adidas ultra boosts, my trail shoes which are Inov-8, a grippy but more minimalist trail shoe which are also Inov-8, some light weight Nike flyknits, amongst others. I will mostly rotate between these pairs depending on terrain and distance.


When I first started running I lived in Asics shoes, I used to run in the GT series, I think it was GT-2170’s?, and I really liked these, but they reformulated them at some point and reverted to the GT-2000 series and I just found them tight and heavy so I switched to the more minimalist boosts which I’ve been running in for a long time now and am very comfortable in.


Millet Sports contacted me and sent me a pair of their new range of Asics trainers, the GT-2000 5, which I managed to try out on a couple of runs over the Easter period. The shoes were supportive and very stable, I think they would be a great shoe for anyone new to running or needing a bit more support. Although they are marketed as lightweight, I found them quite heavy as I am very used to running in the very light ultra boosts and for me they felt a bit too restrictive. I chose a 6.5 size wise which felt snug and I’m a regular size 5 shoe. I don’t think I have particularly wide feet but these are quite snug in the toebox. I would use these on shorter runs, or recovery runs, but they aren’t light enough for me to consider using them for anything longer.


I feel like it’s a good thing to have lots of shoes in rotation, and to vary your shoes across your runs to keep things fresh, rather than just wearing one pair into the ground. The only problem is having a space big enough to store your collection.

How many trainers do you own? Do you rotate your shoes across your runs?


Disclaimer: I received the trainers from Millet Sports in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.