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Live Below the Line 2014

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Concern and asked if I would like to get involved with the Live Below the Line Campaign for 2014.

Concern Worldwide are a charity that work with the world’s poorest people to transform their lives by providing high energy food to severely malnourished children, empowering women to make a better future for their families, and giving communities the tools to free themselves from poverty.

live below the line 2014

Concern Worldwide have been chosen as one of the official partners of Live Below the Line, a campaign that will see people sign-up to live off £1 a day for 5 days & raise funds to tackle extreme poverty. It’s not about recreating what it is like to live in extreme poverty, but raising awareness of it, and trying to understand in some way the kinds of tough decisions 1.2 billion people face globally every day. The campaign presents a chance to bring food poverty, and hunger, back onto the news and political agenda.

So the challenge is to live on just £1 a day for the next 5 days. I had £5 in my pocket to buy all my ingredients for the next 5 days, after a hunt round a few different supermarkets, here is what I came up with:

Live Below the Line Shopping

Ignore the amounts of bananas here as I used some before I started the challenge.

Live Below the Line Shopping

Porridge Oats 500g 0.65
3 Bananas 0.24
Frozen Mixed Veg 1kg 0.75
Dried Chickpeas 500g 1.10
Dried Red Lentils 500g 1.10
Red Onion 0.12
Chopped Tomatoes 0.34
4 Carrots 0.30
White Rice (Unpictured) 1kg 0.40

Total: 5.00 (Dead on!)

I’m going to try and be as creative as possible with that lot, so we will see what I come up with. You can also work in teams for the campaign, and share ingredients as long as your daily budget doesn’t exceed £1.

It was really interesting to go around the supermarkets and actually look at the price of things, rather than just throw them in the trolley. Obviously my organic and health food purchases are out this week, which is probably a good thing for my own budget anyway!

Ideally I would have liked more fresh fruit/veg but it wasn’t cost effective for the challenge- the bananas were a bit of a splurge as it was! I ended up buying a 1kg bag of white rice for 40p as a last minute purchase. I’ve never bought or cooked white rice before, as I’m a big believer in whole grains, but I thought it would be a decent way of bulking out meals and getting calories in for the price. Being Vegan I think is probably a benefit for the challenge, as you can get pretty good value for money in terms of plant based foods.

I’ve chosen to do Live Below the Line Weds-Sun, as I wanted a few days to recover from the marathon, I also will be running a lot less than usual this week, so thought it was a good time- obviously when this is your life, it’s not exactly like you can make those kind of decisions!

I’ll be posting my meals over the next few days and keeping you updated on how I am getting on with the challenge. The official Live Below the Line week is Apr 28th-May 2nd so there is plenty of time to get involved if you interested in fund-raising for Concern Worldwide.

Monday Munchies

Ever have those days where you just feel so hungry all day, it does not matter what you eat, the feeling just won’t go away…yeah..that was me today!

I think I know why it happened, I had virtually no protein with my dinner last night which I know is a post-run error! I have certainly paid the price today. Will have to experiment with eating more protein post-run.

Today started as always with oatmeal:

Good morning Oats

I don’t usually use the sachets but this morning I felt lazy, so just took the easy option! I cooked them with half a banana in and topped with the other half and some small brazil nuts. I accompanied this with a kiwi:

Yes I eat the kiwi with the skin on

I eat kiwi’s with the skin on. Many people have told me this is simply not normal?! Thoughts and opinions? Skin on? Skin off? I think that most of the good stuff is probably in the skin so that is why I eat it….that and I am far too lazy to peel it anyway.

I was starving my lunchtime so I made OIAJ:

Empty jar

Much better

My oats were topped with flaxseed and some dates and were delicious. The SunPat nut butter jars are a nightmare though, so awkwardly shaped that it is impossible to get all the deliciousness out!

Post lunch I impulsively decided to go for a bike ride. Bearing in my mind I got a bike for Christmas and have used it for about 10 minutes since that point. The weather was too good to pass up and I wanted a break from running, so I went for it. I cycled down to a local park and back, it was 8.5 miles in total which I was fairly chuffed with, considering my lack of cycling lately. My legs are now paying the price for this!Stopped at the lake for a little break

I stopped at the lake half way around for a little break. The park is really beautiful though my picture does not give this impression! The last mile of so I found a bit tough as it was hilly, but I am glad I pushed through.

I came back to put my bike away and what should happen as I am wheeling it around but the back gate slammed shut, I thought I would be able to lift the handle on the gate but it was not working from my side of the fence. Fail.

Nobody else was home or home any time soon and I did not have my key with. I had also taken my shoes off and left them the other side of the gate. Double fail. So I was trapped on the other side of this:

I managed to find a chair in the garage which I used for a boost and then I was stuck on top of the wall thinking “how the hell am I going to get down?” I would have jumped if I had shoes on but barefoot jumping onto concrete from height seemed like a bad idea so I decided to lower myself which worked, though apparently I have damaged the trellis!

Post-drama I refueled with some falafel, oatcakes and hummus. Then I decided to whip up a tiny batch of Angela’s Raw Almond Butter

Raw almondy goodness

So yummy, I enjoyed it with some apple slices.

I was absolutely starving all day, so decided to cook a massive dinner. I usually like to eat lightly for dinner, but today I needed something a bit heavier.

Got carbs?

Big pile of steamed kale, absolutely massive sweet potato topped with tahini and simply spiced quinoa.

Simply Spiced Quinoa:

  • 50g Quinoa
  • 200ml Veg stock
  • Pinch of Cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 tsp of cumin, tumeric and garam masala

Boil the Quinoa for 10 minutes with the stock and spices, then let it absorb for 15-20 minutes. So yummy and so simple.

I finished with a fruit salad, I am now absolutely shattered and have decided that I need to work a lot harder on how I am fueling my body pre and post exercise. How do you like to fuel pre and post exercise?