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Berlin Marathon Training Week 7

This week started as last week ended, no running, lots of pain/stiffness and masses of frustration. Thankfully it did pick up towards the end of the week, and there is finally some running to report!

Picture 2

Mon: Rest Day
Tues: TFBR Upper Body Weights/Core + 4 mile Walk
Weds: Rest Day: Hip Opening Yoga + 3.6 mile Walk
Thurs: 4 mile Run (Yay) + TFBR Lower Body Weights/Core + 3.6 mile Walk
Fri: TFBR Metabolic Blaster (Upper Body weights + Hiit cardio) + 5 mile Walk
Sat: 10 mile Long Run (Yay)
Sun: TFBR Body Blast Circuits

I got back into The Fat Burn Revolution this week after taking a week off weights, I definitely felt a bit more rejuvenated and excited for the workouts this week. I did all the weight workouts, and a very sweaty body blast circuit workout, but no furnace workouts this week as I didn’t want to push my leg. I did the upper body workouts earlier in the week when my leg was playing up, and once it was a bit better later in the week managed to get the leg workout in as well.

I have one more week of Phase 2, and then it’s onto phase 3 for the first time ever- excited to see what is in store!

After the disaster of so many failed runs last week, I didn’t even want to test my leg out early in the week. I was so frustrated, and didn’t want to put myself mentally/physically through another failed effort, so on Wednesday I laced my trainers up, decided I wasn’t quite ready and didn’t want to risk it so took another rest day. I also stupidly burnt my leg with an ice pack, it was so painful, and looks pretty hideous right now!

I tentatively headed out on Thursday and thankfully there was a big improvement, it wasn’t pain/niggle free, but I was actually able to run, unlike last week where the pressure was so great in my calf that I couldn’t physically run.

Right now I’m not risking running 2 days in a row, my body seems to be taking an age to recover between runs, and I don’t want to rush back into it. If this means I can only run 3/4 times a week, then so be it, I’d rather be able to run 3 times a week than not at all!

I headed out for a long run on Saturday, I’m so concious of the injury that I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew I would stop if there was any pain or pressure, but other than that I just wanted to see how far I could go and how the body felt. I had in my mind to aim for around 10 miles, other than the 2 half marathons in the last few weeks that is my longest training run to date, so I thought it would be a good tester. I’ve actually missed going for long training runs, as much as I love racing and running with others, sometimes I just want to shut off and be by myself!


I felt good during the run, the only real twinges were when going up/downhill, my calf felt OK and it was only my left knee that was niggling. I headed out really early on Saturday but it was still so hot/humid, it was tough going. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of fitness over the last few weeks with the injury, so I was flagging a bit towards the middle and end, but I just pushed on and was happy to be out there enjoying running again. I also had one of these 33 Shake chia gels for the first time, they are amazing. Like a portable chia pudding. I loved the flavour, they were easy to use and no digestive issues at all. The ingredients are awesome too!

I’m still going to see my physio today, as I don’t want this issue to continue flaring up whenever I push things harder. I’m continuing to take running steady, checking in with myself and how the body feels each morning before committing to a run, and of course stretching/yoga-ing as much as possible!


We’ve had a super busy week as all our stuff has been taken into storage for the move, packing the house up this week (in the 30 degrees temp), and sorting out the hideous overgrown garden has been grim, and actually a workout in itself. This is gross but I’ve never sweated as much in my life as I did on Sat when packing. Hard work! Thankfully everything has gone now, and we’ve got professional cleaners coming in to deep clean the house today, saving us another sweaty job! We will be moving out on Weds :( and I’m hoping to get in one or two more Angel canal runs before we leave! We are staying in Stokey with my brother for a bit, so not too far away anyway.


As all our stuff has been taken, it’s been very simple and easy food for the last week. I’ve actually been eating fully raw for the last 6 days as I can’t face cooking and have no ingredients/utensils/cookware. I kept the Vitamix unpacked so I’ve been living off smoothies, salads, raw soups and loads of watermelon! I’m feeling really good, it just seems so right to eat this way while the temperatures are this hot! Hope to continue on with it while we are moving around in between moves over the next few weeks!

Berlin Marathon Training Week 6

Well this post is a total contrast to my last marathon training update. I have done zero running this week, apart from two runs abandoned at 0.9 and 0.4 miles. My calf/knee injury has flared up yet again, and I am slowly reaching the end of my patience with it.


Berlin training has been very stop/start, I feel like I’ve missed more weeks of training that I’ve run so far. This is the 2nd week out of the last three that I’ve done absolutely no running, and it’s super frustrating. I’m not so much worried about the distance, as I know I have that in my legs, it’s just that this problem keeps flaring up and I wonder how I’ll get through the rest of training if it continues.


I’m having to reassess my goals, as I really wanted a solid training period and focus on this marathon so I could go for a massive PB, unfortunately I’m missing so much training, that I think I’m going to have to settle for just getting round the course, and I’ve kind of accepted that. What difference does it make if it’s slower than I want to be, I’m going to be running a marathon in one of my favourite cities! I missed several weeks of training in the run up to Manchester, and it was painful, but I still got round!DSCF3982

I was hoping this week the injury would gradually improve like it did the week before last, but actually it doesn’t seem to be. I’ve been doing a lot of walking and stretching, but haven’t tried to run again since mid week. I know earlier in the year I would have probably run through the pain and carried on instead of taking a week off, but I’m just not in a place mentally where I can push through it any more, especially as I know I’m just going to make it worse, and risk being out longer. What is most frustrating is that I’ve been running for 5 years and I’ve barely had an injury problem before this year! It’s like everything has come one after the other, and I’ve never been fully right since the injury in Feb/March.


Today was my first ever DNS for a race, I was supposed to do the National Lottery Anniversary run having won a place on Twitter, but I had my sensible cap on and decided against it due to the knee pain. I was annoyed not to run the race, but I would have been more annoyed if I had paid for it- and may even have dragged myself round which would have been incredibly stupid.

I’ve taken a week off TFBR this week also, I did one workout earlier in the week, but I didn’t want any jumping/leg weights to aggravate the problem, so I thought I would take a week off exercise completely. I usually get burned out around week 8 or so of a weights program anyway, so I thought taking a week off at the half way point (week 6) might see me finishing the program stronger as well.


I think what’s most annoying about this injury is that I’m not even running that much or particularly big mileage compared to earlier in the year. If I hadn’t already paid for Berlin (race, flights, hotel) I would most definitely pull out as I need some time away from running, to let my body rest and repair whatever is going on. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of this soon, and it starts to improve, or this could be a pretty grim training period in the run up to Berlin.

Berlin Marathon Training Week 4

The one where I didn’t do any running, and I’m totally OK with that. As I alluded to last week I had really been struggling with niggles, particularly a calf problem which seemed to be getting worse, so for once I made the sensible decision to take a week off running. Not ideal during marathon training, but at least it’s earlier in the cycle rather than later. I’ve actually had a great training week despite that and really enjoyed every workout this week:

Picture 1

Mon: 45 min Spin + 3 mile Walk
Tues: TFBR Lower Body Weights/Core + 3.6 mile Walk
Weds: 45 min Spin + 3.6 mile Walk
Thurs: TFBR Metabolic Blaster Weights/Plyo
Fri: Rest Day
Sat: TFBR Upper Body Weights/Core + 3 mile Walk
Sun: TFBR Total Body Blast Circuits

So no running but a lot of great workouts! My 30 day pass for Cyclebeat ran out on Weds-sad times-so I made the most of the last few days with 2 tough classes. I went 9 times in the 30 days which was pretty decent and I’m so glad I bought the pass. I will miss the classes though as I’ve really enjoyed them, and £15 for a 45 min class is not something I can justify right now. Hopefully I can get some more outdoor cycling in instead.

I moved onto Phase 2 of the fat burn revolution this week. I only made it through one week of this phase prior to the Ultra then after a few weeks off I started it again, so it’s good to be back at this phase although I was slightly dreading it as I remember it being a huge step up. The workouts are much longer in this phase, around an hour each and there is a lot more core work. I really need to get a set of heavier weights for the leg workouts, as my 15kg set isn’t cutting it for lower body stuff. Again not something I can really afford right now so just making the most with what I have. The upper body workouts have been tough, and I am very sore. My core is totally destroyed after a huge amount of hand to foot ball passes and hand to elbow planks! I actually really enjoyed all the workouts and it was nice to do them when I’m not so exhausted from running.


My calf is feeling fine although with no running it hasn’t been tested, so I’m slightly nervous about stepping out tomorrow. I have carried on with my stretching exercises, and I’ve taped it as well to take some pressure off it. For once I haven’t missed running this week, which has been a bit weird, but it probably shows I was a little physically/mentally burnt out and needed some time off in that respect as well as for the injury. Hopefully the week off will have helped and I’ll be ready to kick back into marathon training properly this week.

Berlin Marathon Training Week 3

Bit of a late recap from last week’s training, I thought I had already posted it and I’ve been super busy working/revising for exam/doing an assignment! Here is how week 3 went:

Picture 7

Mon: Upper Body Weights + 3 mile Walk
Tues: Rest Day
Weds: 6 mile Run + 3.6 mile Walk
Thurs: 4 mile Run + Lower Body Weights + 3.6 mile Walk
Fri: Total Body Blast Circuits
Sat: 4.4 mile Run + 45 min Spin class
Sun: Rest Day 3.6 mile Walk


I haven’t really felt comfortable since starting this training cycle, I don’t feel like I had adequate rest/time off post ultra (1 week) and I just feel like I keep getting constant niggles despite running relatively low mileage compared to during ultra training. I’m just getting fed up of running through the pain and feeling like something isn’t right.


My runs last week all came with the joyful delight of burning pain/pressure in my left calf, it is only while I run, and it’s so bad I feel like I am running on one leg. It got to the point where it was so bad during Thurs/Sat runs that I decided to skip my Sunday long run and take a full week off running to allow it some time to heal. I changed my trainers a while ago and if anything it has made it worse, I don’t know what Asics have done to the new GT-2000 but it will be the last pair of them I buy, and I’ve been running in them (2170’s older version) for 5 years!


I’m not sure what the issue is, but it’s the same leg I was getting knee pain a few weeks ago. From what I can gather on Google it seems like it might be compartment syndrome, which is definitely no bueno, hence why I’m resting it now and hoping it clears up! I’m also going in heavy on the anti-inflams with Terranova’s Joint Support and Pukka’s active blend! I can already feel a difference, so fingers crossed!


I only managed to get in one spinning class this week as it was a crazy busy week with work/revising and two days at Wimbledon, including one day queuing from 5.30am and not getting home til post 9pm- exhausting but worth it!

This was the last week of Phase 1 of the fat burn revolution, I can’t wait to get back onto Phase 2 (I did one week of it post ultra and then started over as I took a few weeks off) although I remember it being insanely hard! Will be nice to mix up my weight workouts though!

Really hoping the break from running helps the calf, and I can get back to running pain free and enjoying it next week!

Ultra Training Week 11- Battling my body

I’m sitting here with achy, heavy legs that I could barely get up the wall for legs up the wall. I have no idea what’s going on with them, but they’ve just got heavier and tighter as the week has gone on, ending in what I would call one of my worst runs ever this morning. I’ve probably made the jump too quickly to 5 runs a week this week, increased my mileage too quickly and now I am paying the price.

daily mile training

Mon: 10 mile gentle Cycle. NTC app Aligning and Core workouts.
Tues: 10 mile Run + 2 mile Walk
Weds: 4 mile Birthday Run + 7 mile Walk
Thurs: 6 mile Run
Fri: Rest Day: 3 mile Walk
Sat: Cardiff Parkrun + Hip Opening Yoga
Sun: 13.5 mile run

greater manchester marathon

I started the week with a gentle cycle and some workouts from the NTC app which I thought might help with getting over the injury. I’ve decided to cut out any other intense workouts before the marathon as I don’t want to risk the injury flaring up again.

The 10 mile run on Tuesday was great, and I felt the best I had felt in a while, I did a considerable amount of running off road, and at the moment with getting over the injury the softer surface definitely feel miles better for the leg.

birthday run

In retrospect having barely run at all over the last 2 months, and not run back to back days, I shouldn’t have run 3 days in a row. I wanted to run on my birthday, as I like to keep with tradition, but the 4 miles weren’t easy and my legs were already starting to feel heavy and tight. Thursday’s run was even worse, I just about managed 6 miles, but the tightness was making it difficult to run at all.

I had a great parkrun at Cardiff Saturday, but again it took my legs maybe half a mile or so to warm up. I think I should have a little jog before hand, as going from a standing start is not working for me right now. For those first few hundred meters it almost feels like I’m going to fall over, like I won’t be able to continue, it’s hard to describe but it’s just not a nice feeling. It did ease up though, and I got round in a solid 27.27 for my fastest run since Christmas day!

And then came today, I headed out and again had that awful dreaded tightness in my legs, I could of stopped within meters of starting but I decided to persevere as I thought the stiffness would ease up, but I was wrong. I had to stop about 6 times during the run and have a little stretch, I felt uncomfortable and like I couldn’t physically move my legs for pretty much the majority of the run. I could have stopped several times, but I didn’t. Sometimes I’m so stubborn, and I’m not sure if that’s always a good thing. I’m not sure how, but I managed to run 13.5 miles, it was just brutal, and I’d have to call it one of my worst runs of all time. From a mental perspective it was probably a good thing, as I got through it, and pushed myself on despite feeling horrendous. Physically I just don’t know what is wrong with my body, it’s almost like the tightness is a sign to stop me or hold me back, maybe I should listen to it more.

I’ve just had so many runs since I’ve come back, that are uncomfortable, and not from an endurance perspective, but from a body perspective. I just feel like I’m falling apart, and would love to just be able to bloody run normally, no pain, no niggles, no tightness, no stiffness, it’s just so frustrating.

I think I’m pretty much done with my training for Manchester now, I could force myself out for mega miles for another week to try and catch up on my training somewhat, but I’ve just got to the stage where it isn’t worth it physically or mentally. I’ll head out this week If the body feels good, but mentally I can’t battle against my body any more, and I’d rather get to the start line in Manchester under trained and in one piece than not at all.

Foam Rolling

I had an ice bath post long run and that seemed to ease things up, I’m still doing 30-45 mins a day of physio exercises, yoga and foam rolling to ease things up. Hopefully a few days off will ease things up, I think I’ll get a sports massage too as I just can’t get rid of this tightness.

I think it’s really hard having missed the key part of my marathon training to want to try and compensate and catch up in some way, but I need to just let it go, and focus on trying to get my body right and running with it, rather than battling against it all the time.

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