Hanson’s Marathon Method Month 2

I am already into the second half of the Hanson’s marathon method training for Richmond Marathon in September. The weeks seem to be flying by and the marathon is fast approaching. As I said previously I skipped the first 2 weeks of training of the beginner plan as they were just base building and I was recovering from an ultra, so I’ve shortened the plan to 16 weeks total.

This past month has really focused on solid base mileage, and the interval and tempo sessions have got kind of serious, and some longer runs have appeared too. I’m feeling really good right now, enjoying the training, and the sessions, although I wish I didn’t need to be so tied to my watch with sessions, but I’m still figuring out my internal pacing clock.

Week 5 I had a really good speed session of 8 x 600m. I’ve not been doing my intervals on a track which would probably be easier, but I think having a bit of incline and having to change direction now and again is probably a good challenge to throw into them anyway. The long run for this week was 10 miles which I incorporated a Hilly Fields parkrun into, to get some sort of incline training into my week and try and maintain the 9.38 target pace over tougher terrain- I was really knackered for the last few miles.


On Week 6 I swapped out my interval session to Monday as I was going to Wimbledon on Tuesday (I went to queue at Wimbledon at 1.30am and had no sleep the entire night), this was tough as it was a day less recovery on the legs and I trained legs at the gym the day before. I did 6 x 800m and just about managed to get it done. My long run this week was supposed to be 10 miles, but I went and did the North Down’s Way half instead so I definitely didn’t hit my target long run pace but it was a bloody good training run over brutal terrain.


I felt like I recovered from the race really well going into week 7, trail runs are so much gentler on the body. Having said that my legs did feel really tired during the speed session on Tuesday and I just felt like I couldn’t move them any faster. This week the tempo 5 miles (7 total) of the last few weeks turned into a tempo 8 (10 miles total), which was a pretty big jump, I would have preferred a gradual increase in weekly tempo mileage, but alas. I found it pretty tough going, but managed to stay right around the target 8.58 pace I am aiming to do tempo runs at. This week should have been my 49th parkrun, but I forgot my barcode, so my 50th run has to wait! I did my longest run in a while at 15 miles along the river and back, it was really humid, I saved myself from two horrendous trips, and I somehow got lost a few times, but I managed to stay under my 9.38 pace for long runs, and complete my longest run since early May.


Week 8 has been another good training week. My mileage stayed stable-it really jumps up next week-I had a really good 4 x 1200m speed session, where I hit all my target paces or faster. I’m still relying too much on my watch for tempo and long run pace, so I tried to run without it on Saturday’s long run, which ended in me either being way too fast per mile, or slightly too slow. I hit my 49th parkrun on this hilly 10 miler including Hilly Fields, and I followed this up with an easy 8 miler which was the other half’s longest run ever. The Hanson’s plan doesn’t really do drop weeks/recovery weeks, which is something I’ve always done before every 3 weeks, though it does alternate long running weeks- so some weeks the long run is 10 miles and sometimes it’s 16, but the mileage stays fairly stable, so the other runs along the week increase or decrease.

I have continued with my three heavy lifting sessions a week, and I’m feeling really good in the gym right now, I’ve figured out a schedule so that my legs can recover pretty well from leg day and not affect any of my sessions. I feel stronger than ever in the gym and out on the road, and I know its the continued hard work in the gym that is keeping me injury free. I’ve also managed to get to yoga once a week, and I’ve been militant about my stretching, rolling and strength exercises at home. I’m heading to the half way point feeling really good about training, and really enjoying it most importantly. I’m hoping for another good 8 weeks ahead!

Week 5: 38 miles
Week 6: 44 miles
Week 7: 47.4 miles
Week 8: 46 miles

4 Responses to Hanson’s Marathon Method Month 2

  1. Sounds like your training is going really well! I’m always intrigued about following a proper plan. I think I’d like to do it (I’d find it very satisfying and also would take the thinking element out of it) but I do like the freedom of changing things up from week to week depending on how I’m feeling or what I’ve got on. Sounds like a good plan though.

    • I’m really enjoy the structure, and find the easy runs are my time to do what I want on runs or run with my OH. Will see how the next 8 weeks goes.

  2. 49th parkrun- how exciting! :)
    I think this plan sounds good although it also is a lot of mileage and I think I would find it hard to fit it all in. I quite like having the bones of a plan and then editing it to fit around life. It’s good to see how things like the long runs are suggested though.

    • Yea 50 this weekend! It’s taken a while. Yeah the mileage is quite evenly spread- this week I have two 10 milers and a 16 miler to get in, though I’m quite lucky as my work is quite flexible. Yeah I think you have to be able to adapt a plan to fit your life, and make it work for you.

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