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I haven’t updated here in ages, I wasn’t sure whether to let the blog go, as I am currently in the process of setting up a site for my nutritional therapy business and planning on a much more nutrition focused blog over there. I haven’t felt like writing here for a while, I think perhaps I’ll keep this blog and just focus on my training (when there is any), without any pressure to blog to a schedule or hammer out a certain amount of content per week.


I haven’t run a race since the SDW50 last April, which feels kind of insane to me. I’ve been through a few years of  signing up for and running a lot of races, so last year was definitely on the sparse side. I have a few dates in the diary for some ‘training’ races in Feb/March so I’m looking forward to being part of that race environment again. I do miss the feeling of race day, and even pre-race day excitement, and I’m going to be properly nervous come end of Feb when it’s time for my first race in around 10 months.

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I worked pretty hard through December on my running. I completed my third Advent Running challenge and fourth Marcothon, and achieved my goal of starting Jan with a solid base of training behind me. I started December running wise at somewhat of a low ebb, I had spent the previous 8 months falling in love with strength training again and running just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I think the love waned and as my cardiovascular fitness also took a nosedive, it became really difficult for me to want to get out and run. It was hard, so I wasn’t enjoying it, and I wasn’t willing to put the work in at the time to improve the situation. I felt like a beginner again, and it’s easy when you are regularly running higher mileage and longer runs to forget exactly how hard it can be to get out the door sometimes.

December streaking has been amazing for me for rediscovering my running love and improving my fitness. I ended December having run more miles than the previous 3 months combined, I felt fitness and running strength come back and day by day running became easier, breathing became easier, and just putting my trainers on and getting out the door became easier, I had found my running mojo again, I just had to put some work in to locate it.

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January has seen me following a training plan (currently on week 3) for the first time since April, it’s nice to add some loose structure to my running and it does force you to get out there whatever the weather may be. I still have motivation highs and lows, but I know that every session I put in, I’m getting stronger, I’m building the foundations for the next few months and I’m going to be increasing likely to want to get out there next time. It’s all about keeping on with routine and keeping the momentum going.

I’m still trying to maintain some strength work, and trying to get to the gym for 3 sessions a week (has dropped to two lately though), as well as following Kinetic Revolutions 30 day program which I just completed and will be repeating for some pre-hab.

2017 so far: The mileage is increasing, the hill-work is increasing, the endurance is increasing and most importantly the running love is increasing. Time to continue building the base.


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  1. Ahh isn’t it great once you finally stop flirting with it and get your fitness back? You’re right – getting out the door when you first start up again is hard. What are your events? Exciting news about your nutritional business!

    • For sure, I haven’t been running “properly” for so long, so it’s nice to get back out there regularly. I was training really hard in the gym for the last few months but it just doesn’t translate to cv fitness! I’m doing maverick race in Surrey in Feb, Thames meander marathon, and Richmond park half in the build up to NDW50 in May. Have you got any events planned for 2017?

      • Wicked that sounds exciting! I’m doing Brighton half and full marathons, then hopefully London Revolution cycle ride in May, RideLomdon in July and Falmer tri / Brighton & Hove triathlon in September. Basically all the events I was meant to do last year before I broke my collarbone and wrist! Gonna be a good year, I’m determined to make it happen!

  2. Your business sounds exciting!
    Great news that the love for running is returning again- no point in doing something in your spare time if you don’t.

  3. I’m fully with you on the motivation thing and falling out of love with running. I am loving the gym right now (and have been for ages) and running has kind of taken a back seat. I do love running but I don’t have the crazy desire like I used to and nor am I hugely bothered with not being able to run as much due to a niggle.
    Sounds like you got your mojo back in a good way though :)

    • Yep totally with you- I love strength training, and I’m missing it a lot now I’ve dropped my sessions down alongside running. It’s nice to be falling back in love with running a little bit though.

  4. Glad the running love is returning. Sometimes it’s good to just take a break away from things to realise how much you missed them! I’m running my first proper race for a while in Feb too – a trail half marathon. I’m so looking forward to getting back out on the race scene again this year!

    • Absolutely, I think now the CV fitness is coming back and I can see improvements and my distances are increasing it’s a lot easier to be in ‘love’ with it gain. Oh nice- where are you racing in Feb? I’m doing a Maverick trail race in Feb too. Good luck with your training.

  5. I have been wondering how you’re doing! I haven’t blogged for ages – since September! There is literally no time with the course this year – all I do is go to work and come home to study. But the end is in sight! Exciting to hear you’re planning your business, hope it’s going well :) x

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