Purition: Vegan Wholefood Shakes

Shakes, love them or loathe them, they seem to be the thing of the moment. I feel like every time I enter a health store there is a new brand of super shake or protein shake on the market, it can be difficult to know what to choose and distinguish between the brands.

I do regularly use protein powders within my diet, although it’s not necessarily something I feel like I need to do, I would say I use them when I am training quite heavily, and also when I just went to up the protein content of a meal, ie. oats for breakfast, to keep me going for longer.


Purition is a brand I’ve been familiar with for a while, but most of their wholefood shakes were non-vegan based, so I was delighted when I was contacted by them to try out their new range of Vegan wholefood shakes. I would define them as a big step up from protein shakes as they are packed full of super wholefood ingredients in addition, and although I wouldn’t do this myself, they could pass as a meal replacement shake as they are nutrient dense, rich in protein and fibre, as well as being a good source of nutrients like B-vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, iron and zinc.


I was sent the Vegan hemp, vanilla and chocolate flavours and enjoyed using all of them. So what’s in them that makes them so super? They are packed with protein, omega fats and fibre, designed for a slow release of energy and keeping you satiated. Ingredients include: hemp protein, flaxseed, chia seeds, almonds, coconut and many more, the flavoured varieties just use cocoa or Madagascan vanilla rather than some shady ‘natural’ flavouring. They are also raw, meaning they have not been highly processed or heated so you aren’t losing out on the nutrients in that way. Unlike a lot of shakes on the market, they are free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, sugar and are non-GMO. There’s no weird hard to pronounce ingredients here, just plenty of nourishing whole foods.

I think post long run when you might not feel like eating, or when travelling or on the go, they are a great way to get in a lot of nutrients. I have used the shakes in many ways, including just mixed with water, stirred into porridge, and added to smoothies, which made a really delicious filling thick shake. They recommending blending with non-dairy milk and berries, which would make a really quick and simple grab-and-go breakfast. I quite like hemp protein anyway, although I know some people find it a little earthy tasting, but I really found Purition’s product very easy to take, and enjoyed the flavours.

I’m not a huge fan of shakes being marketed as weight loss products, but if people were looking for meal-replacement products these are miles ahead of whats already out there. I will continue to add them to super-boost my breakfast smoothies or as a quick snack to keep me going.

You can buy a sample pack of mixed flavours from their website if you can’t decide which to go for. I am definitely going to be reordering some in future, as I think it’s a brilliant product, and I really like the ethos of the brand.


Disclaimer: I received the shakes from Purition for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


6 Responses to Purition: Vegan Wholefood Shakes

  1. It’s good to hear that there are some more natural products out there. I have tried hemp protein before but I didn’t like the taste- it is earthy as you say. So many protein powders have so many additives and things like stevia which I just don’t think they need.

    • There’s a lot of crappy dodgy ingredients out there, that most products like this are packed full, so it’s good to find a nice natural one. There is stevia in this, but I think on the sliding scale of sweeteners it’s probably the one to worry about least, and at least it’s not an artificial one.

  2. I like having protein shakes when I need to squeeze in some extra nutrition or calories, like when I’ve been to the gym and I’m rushing about before I have breakfast or straight after a race when I can’t stomach ‘real’ food. These sound good.

    • Yeah I think they are quite handy in that scenario, I really like these, as they are packed with lots of nutrition, other than just protein.

  3. My husband regularly uses protein powders in his shakes after long mountain bike rides. I really like the sound of this range as they have so many nutrients added in. I’d not heard of Puritian before, so thanks of the intro!

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