Training Essentials: Glutamine

I wanted to start a new series where I feature products like foods, supplements, kit and other bits and pieces that I use regularly and I believe help me to train hard, recover properly and feel great on the run!IMG_4441


I mentioned previously about all the digestive issues I had been having during marathon training, thankfully I was saved by Viridian nutrition sending me some digestive products and Monkey Nutrition who sent me their glutamine powder. Glutamine powder has been a regular feature in my marathon training cycles previously, but I took a break from it last year, and then just forgot all about it!

Monkey Nutrition are a high quality award winning supplement company, who produce a full range of sports performance products like protein, omega oils and amino acids. They ensure each product contains the optimum ingredients to maximise growth, recovery and all round health. All products are FDA labelled, there are no added nasties, everything that is in the products serves a purpose.

I like that they focus on health and nutrition from diet first, before suggesting any supplementation. Their website has a good feature where you can search for products based on your goals, there is also stacks of information on there to help with your training.


Monkey Nutrition kindly sent me their glutamine to help my training. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in our muscles, it is a non essential amino acid, but under severe stress becomes essential. It is depleted under stress- i.e high intensity or strenuous workouts-which can lead to the breakdown of muscle tissue. It is essential for any regular athlete, particularly for general well being and recovery from injury or illness. It supports the immune system and is also vital for protecting and repairing the GI tract, ensuring efficient digestion and thus nutrient absorption, after all if you aren’t digesting properly then you aren’t going to be getting the necessary nutrients from your food.

The glutamine powder came in a huge bag, so I will be well stocked up for a long time. 1/2 tsp serving provides 2g glutamine, I just mix it with water, it’s fairly tasteless, I guess a little like baking soda. I take it last thing at night before I go to bed.

I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now and I am happy to report that my digestive symptoms have been much improved. I’ve also noticed much quicker recovery in the last few weeks, I seem to be able to train hard day after day without feeling the effects the next day, this could be a combination of things, but the glutamine certainly seems to have helped.

What are your training essentials?

Have you used glutamine before?


Disclaimer: I was sent the glutamine powder, all opinions are my own.

8 Responses to Training Essentials: Glutamine

  1. I used to take glutamine powder all the time but then ran out and I can’t honestly tell the difference. But then I don’t find myself having digestive issues anyway so that’s probably why!
    My training essentials…probably cake 😉

    • I do notice I’m a lot less sore the next day when I am taking it. I guess sometimes it’s difficult to tell what is doing anything, especially if you are taking a few things.

  2. Very interesting. My recovery powder has glutamic acid in it, I’m assuming it’s a similar thing. I haven’t noticed any changes to my digestion since I started taking it though, I still have to steer clear of gluten, sugar and dairy a week or two before a race or a long run.

    • Yea I guess it is. I suppose it depends what dose it includes. That’s interesting, is that because they cause digestive issues on the run for you?

  3. Interesting. I’m not very clued up on supplements and protein powders etc so I’m looking forward to more of these posts Lauren!

  4. I have only heard of it, I think, for things like joint pain? But maybe that is something that sounds similar.
    It is great that it works for you. I am glad you kept on about the viridian products as I have started with the procare ones to help my immune system- probably too early to tell if it is having an effect just yet, but I am sure it is helping.

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