Favourite Reads of the Week #6

Here is my weekly round up of things that caught my eye online this week:

This article in the New York Times about a program where doctors are prescribing fruits/vegetables instead of pills to support low income families with overweight children. I think this is a pretty revolutionary idea, and I guess if the huge interests of the pharmaceutical/medical/food industries have anything to do with it, it is not something that will take off, but still it’s great to see that there are schemes out there like this. I also think the importance on education and knowledge is key for schemes like this to succeed.

This post on how stress can affect your gut, amongst everything else! I think stress plays a huge role in the development of so many diseases, and unfortunately the majority of the population is in a chronic state of stress. I like yoga, meditation and epsom salt baths to unwind.

I love strength training, and it’s massively helped my running. I enjoyed this post on the reasons to incorporate it into your running routine. I’m currently following Julia Buckley’s strength training plan, and so far so good in terms of no more injury flare ups since Berlin!

‘Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth’- Albert Einstein

This controversial article on the Guardian “debunking the detox myth”. Though I do agree with some of the points it makes, like the overuse of the word “detox” for marketing purposes, I disagree with the reductionist and biased view this article presents, especially the lumping in whole foods into the argument. Unfortunately some of sources for the article, are renowned sceptics and medical propagandists, pumping out this kind of shit and trying to constantly undermine and disprove natural alternatives, for the benefit of their own agenda. I’m surprised the Guardian even published it, as it’s just crap one sided journalism, using extreme examples. Just because things don’t conform to medical or scientific advice it doesn’t mean they are flat out wrong. I do disagree with a lot of the ways products are marketed, but ultimately in our society everyone is selling something and that includes the medical profession and big pharma. Rant over.

This article on the Guardian on benefits of a ketogenic diet for epilepsy.

Read, watched or listened to anything good this week?


6 Responses to Favourite Reads of the Week #6

  1. Great links as usual Lauren! I really enjoyed the background to the ketogenic diet.

  2. That first Guardian article was strange- if people ate the diet that it recommended then probably people would not need a “detox”, but the reality is that most diets are filled with processed foods so a rest from that is probably good.

  3. Oooh that strength link is very timely for me. I will be doing a lot more strength training now! I did do some but clearly not nearly enough. Thanks for the links!

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