Berlin Marathon Training Wrap

If you’ve been following for the last 3 months, you’ll know my Berlin training has been less than ideal! It reads something like: left calf injury, left knee injury, right knee injury, sinusitis, ITBS, and little to no running. In fact I haven’t run over 26 miles in a week since July, and yet somehow I’m going to push myself to run that for the marathon!


Week 1: 28 miles
Week 2: 26 miles
Week 3: 14 miles
Week 4: 0 miles
Week 5: 28 miles
Week 6: 1 mile
Week 7: 14 miles
Week 8: 22 miles
Week 9: 18 miles
Week 10: 2 miles
Week 11: 0 miles
Week 12: 3 miles
Week 13: 20 miles
Week 14: 25 miles
Week 15: 27 miles

Consistently inconsistent! I think I didn’t take enough time off post-ultra, and then it’s just been one injury after the other. Thankfully the last 3 weeks I’ve managed to get in some solid training, it’s a little late in the day, but at least it gives me a little more confidence and I know that I will be on the start line on Sunday.

I really wanted this to be my goal marathon, I wanted to try and get close to 4 hours, with a solid period of training after the ultra, and on what is supposed to be a fast, flat course. Alas, things were not meant to be, I would like to think that one day I think I will run a marathon having had an ideal period of training, as the three I have previously run have all had issues: Dublin: gastroenteritis the week before, in bed for 4 days prior, Manchester: Injured missed loads of training, Milton Keynes: follow up to Manchester not something I trained towards.

Maybe I should have taken more time off post-ultra, and not followed a tough weight training program while injured, but it’s easy to look back and say these things were to blame or that I should have done things differently. Would it have made a difference, I don’t know. I think that everything happens for a reason, and I’ve learnt a lot from the injuries, and ultimately in the long run, dealing with them will make me a better and stronger runner.

Obviously time is completely out the window, which actually is quite nice in the way, as there is no pressure, and I can just enjoy running around one of my favourite cities, soak up the atmosphere and the sights. I have no guarantee that my ITBS won’t flare up, and the race is going to be bloody painful having not got the miles in my legs, my longest runs have only been 13 miles, and a few of those were ages ago. I’m also probably in the worst shape I’ve been in in a long time, I’ve basically stopped all exercise other than walking and the odd few runs of the last few weeks, and my nutrition hasn’t been on form as we don’t have a fridge and have been so busy and stressed with the house I haven’t had much time to cook at all. Despite this I’m determined to get round, and whether I can run the whole thing I don’t know, but I’m determined to at least start and try and run this amazing race!


I’m jetting off to Berlin in the morning, and will be disconnecting from the online world for a bit. So fingers crossed it all goes well, good luck to all my fellow runners, and see you on the other side!

10 Responses to Berlin Marathon Training Wrap

  1. Best of luck Lauren! Have a wonderful time and enjoy it!!!

  2. See you on the other side! Just remember that marathon is such a long distance that the main thing is to enjoy the experience – you may not run as fast as you wanted to but can choose to have fun and just marvel the fact that your body CAN run a distance like that :)

  3. Ahh I feel you, Lauren!!
    All the best of luck – mental determination can do the world of good. I have every faith in you!

  4. Massive good luck Lauren! Have an amazing time :) xxx

  5. I hope everything went well and you enjoyed the scenery :)

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