Berlin Marathon Training Week 10- Rest is Best

I think I’ve finally reached the acceptance stage of injury. After battling through and running on it for the last few weeks, I realised that it just wasn’t getting any better and isn’t going to go away if I continue running on it (despite not running much!).

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That above is my horrible training period for Berlin, my longest runs have been two half marathons a while back now, two 10 milers, and two painful 8 milers-not exactly marathon distance. My weekly mileage has been incredibly low and there have been several weeks skipped entirely. It’s not ideal, but I’m hoping I may be able to get some more miles in over the next few weeks once this injury clears up.


After a weights session early last week and an abandoned run at the 2 mile point in my new trainers, I decided to take the rest of the week completely off all activity, no weights, no running, no core work. Just physio exercises, yoga and some walking.

In the first few days the knee was not in good shape, I’ve been travelling back/forth from Cardiff to London a lot lately- 6 times in the last 2 weeks and the coach has really been aggravating my injury, this week it completely messed up my back too, so I’ve been dealing with lower back pain to throw into the injury mix too, I did a really good 30 minute youtube yoga video for lower back pain yesterday though which has made a huge difference.


This week has been really hard without running, we have so much going on right now with the house move, plus I have exams/assignments coming up too, and with all the stress, I feel like I just wanted to run, and have lost my escape! I had a rough few days, where I just felt generally miserable about not running- lacking the endorphins, but I’m determined to snap out of that this week and enjoy things that I don’t have time to do when I’m running- like walking nick’s dog, spending time with Timmy the cat, seeing family, going out more and catching up on some reading- I have about 15 unread fitness magazines lying around!

Today is the first day where I’ve not noticed any knee pain when walking downstairs so fingers crossed we are headed in the right direction. I’m going to take another few days off completely and maybe try a short jog later in the week to assess. I was going to go back to physio this week, but I just can’t justify 80 odd quid on another session when we have so much else going on right now. I’ll just continue to stretch and do yoga at home, and keep an eye on it and hopefully it’s just something that will be fine with rest.

With 6 weeks until Berlin, I’ve decided not to defer or pull out of the race. I’m going to leave it until the week before to make a decision. Obviously I’m not going to run it if I am in pain, but if I’m pain free I know I will be able to get round despite not doing much training at all. I don’t want that to sound disrespectful to the distance or that I think I can just wing it, I just believe I have enough long distance experience to finish the race as long as I’m able to start it!

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  1. I think you’ve made a good decision to give your leg some proper rest. I read a statistic somewhere (maybe Runners World mag?) that 80% of injuries could be healed by 9 days off of running. I’ve definitely been there where I keep doing short runs just to ‘test’ it, or it’s not so bad today so I’ll run on it…and by doing this just continuing the injury further rather than letting it heal completely. Ben is in the same boat at the moment as you with being injured. He has to take time off and he’s panicking about Berlin. But both of you do have mileage in your legs and I think as long as you both give it time to heal – proper time (sorry I’m trying not to sound preachy – I’m the worst when it comes to being injured) then you should be fine. Even if you don’t get the ‘big runs’ in, just consistent running closer to the time will be fine. You are an experienced marathon runner, I have every faith in you.

    • Oh that’s interesting, about the 9 day theory. It is definitely feeling better today, I have no pain going down the stairs so fingers crossed I’m heading in the right direction. Hope Ben’s injury heals up too!

  2. Great decision Lauren and sounds like it’s paying off. Plus, extra time with lovely Timmy can only be a good thing right?!

  3. I think you are right- you have a lot of mileage in your legs and even if the long runs are not that recent, you know you can complete the distance as you have done it several times. And if you are not going for a particular time then even better as you can just take it easy (as easy as is possible in a marathon!) and enjoy the experience.
    Hope it feels better though.

    • Yeah I think I have the mental aspect on my side which is half the battle. I’m definitely going to be taking it easy, soaking it all up and actually enjoying it!

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