Savse Smoothies Review

I adore smoothies/juices and I go through huge quantities of fruit and vegetables weekly, making at least one a day. The only problem I have is portability of juices/smoothies while out and about, and also the nightmare that is cleaning the juicer, I just hate doing it.

SaVse Smoothies

Sometimes it’s just easier, especially if you are out and about to pick up one that is already made for you. There is a whole range of companies out there making juices/smoothies, the key thing to look for is that they are cold pressed, meaning they haven’t been heat treated and thus lost all their nutrition value.

A few months back I won a Twitter competition for an Arsenal stadium tour for 2 courtesy of Savse Smoothies, unfortunately we didn’t get the tickets until weeks later when we realised almost all of our mail had been delivered to the wrong address- thanks again Royal Mail! We never got to go on the tour as the tickets had to be used within 7 days, but Savse very kindly sent me a box of their delicious smoothies to make up for it!

Savse smoothies came about through owner Nina’s passion for juicing and making smoothies, and willingness to findĀ  a solution to the problem of finding bottled juices that were as good- flavour wise and nutrition wise as what you could make at home. They cold press the smoothies, which preserves all the vital nutrients which they are packed full of.

SaVse Smoothie Collection

The smoothies arrived in chilled packaging, and need to be stored them in the fridge. I have been drinking one every now and again and really enjoying them. Firstly I love the packaging, it’s simple but eye catching, with the focus on the actual drink and it’s ingredients.

I really like the smoothies, because they are packed with veggies as well as fruit. Favourites were the Super Purple, I love the earthy beetroot flavour. Super Green which was broccoli, kale and spinach blended with some fruits, I loved how alkalising this was. Nick tried the Super Yellow, as it had yoghurt in it, and he really liked it- I was happy it was a way to get him to drink carrot juice! My favourite was the Super Blue, which Nick liked also- I was shocked as it had kale, spinach and beetroot in. It’s chocked full of antioxidants. All the smoothies are 2 of your 5 a day too.

Super Green SaVse

It’s great to find a company offering an affordable nutrient packed juice/smoothie rather than the majority of what is on the market. I also love that they are packed with veggies and really liked the flavour combinations to boot.

You can find SaVse smoothies in most good health stores, and they are also now stocked in Boots.

12 Responses to Savse Smoothies Review

  1. They sound ideal for when you are out and about. Andy really likes juices so will often choose one if we are out for the day but so many have concentrated juice/ water and even sweeteners.

  2. These sound great, I’d love to give them a try! Nice to see mega amounts of veggies crammed into them – some of the smoothies you can buy are soo sugary and fruity.

  3. Those smoothies look like a great choice if you don’t have time to juice your own and its also good to see veggies added, far to many just contain fruit!

  4. I much prefer eating my fruit and veg then blending it but I can understand the appeal and also they’d be great for if I was in a rush or couldn’t get a nutritious meal for whatever reason. I bet they taste lovely!

    • I like eating it too, but love juicing as you can get so much more nutrition in and without the fibre it goes straight into your cells. Really good if you are short on time as well.

  5. I’d not heard of SaVse before, but their smoothies sound fab! I’m intrigued by the Super Blue as I’m struggling to find a way of enjoying kale in a smoothie. The fact that both you & Nick like it tempts me to try it! Will definitely look out for it in the shops x

  6. Great that these are stocked in Boots, I’ll have to keep a look out for them!

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