I miss Running

I miss waking up with the excitement of getting out there to run.
I miss the first few steady steps of a run and all it will bring.
I miss seeing my icy breath on a cold morning.
I miss the first few minutes of effort and hard work.
I miss the silence of the world on an early morning run.
I miss that place in my head where I can go during a run.
I miss hitting that zone and feeling like I am floating during a long run.
I miss hard intervals and feeling on top of the world after a speed session.
I miss struggling up a massive bloody hill, and gliding down it.
I miss the way running makes me look at the world in a different way.
I miss the post run high.
I miss the places that running takes me.
I miss that feeling of freedom.
I miss feeling like running is the only thing that matters.

I miss Running.

10 Responses to I miss Running

  1. :( I really hope you recovery super soon Lauren.

  2. I feel for you Lauren… I know how frustrating it can be, but you’re doing the right thing by resting. It’s definitely the best course of action for the long term. My sister in law jumped back into running too quick after a calf injury and ended up having to go to physio every week and no running for 6 months!! Running is not only her passion, but her living, so it was really costly :/ Thankfully she’s all better now.
    Keeping taking it easy for now, and you’ll be back running before you know it. Big hugs xx

    • Thanks Sharon. I know, I think I rushed it last week hence why I am back to square one or even in a worse place. I know if it’s a tear, it can easily become a grade 3 one if I push it and like you say I could be out for a very long time. I’m just really going to take it easy until I can walk for a few days without pain at least, going to go to physio hopefully this week also.

  3. I really really feel for you. I was exactly there in December. I was sad, bitter, grumpy and just not in a good place. I almost wished for the months to fly away so I could be back to running. It is hard and annoying and depressing :( but it will get better. It’s just time. You’re doing the right thing. You also have a lot of mileage behind you in the bank so try to to worry too much. Focus on something else for a little while. I drove myself mad by constantly thinking ‘how does it feel? Is it better?’ Sending you positive vibes for a speedy recovery!!

    • Thanks Anna. Yeah really feeling pretty down about it at the moment, I think once I know what’s going on it won’t be as bad, but it’s just the not knowing, and it not getting any better that is frustrating. Yeah I have the mileage in the bank, but I just worry it’s all for nothing now if I can’t run for another few weeks or so. Thanks Anna.

  4. Ahhhhh I hope you get back to it soon x

  5. Oh gosh really sending you all the good healing vibes I can petal, hope you get back to being able to do what you love soon xxx

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