Ultra Training Week 6: Easing back into it

Week 6 of training was pretty much spent in a constant cycle of resting, icing/hot water bottling, compressing and elevating! I pretty much haven’t taken my compression socks off for a fortnight… compression

Mon: Yoga + 1 mile Walk
Tues: Rest
Weds: Yoga + Upper Body Weights + 2.5 mile Walk
Thurs: Rest
Fri: 3 mile Walk
Sat: Parkrun
Sun: 10 miles

I still couldn’t walk without pain from Mon-Thurs so I just went for a couple of short walks to run errands, did some yoga and foam rolling which was brutal. Most of the week was spent at home, resting as much as possible. It was a good job I had loads of studying to do to keep me busy! I did some upper body weights and core work on Wednesday and that made me feel a little better.

IMG_0528I was really frustrated at the beginning of the week, and I felt in a really low place. I don’t think you can underestimate the link between mood and running, and I know if I don’t/can’t run, I become a completely different person. In truth, I am pretty evil to be around. I decided to snap out of my funk by focusing down on my nutrition, and getting in loads of superfoods to help my body (and mind!) recover!

Superfood Smoothie

Before the trail race, and subsequent overloading of my calf, I felt like training was going amazingly. I felt like speed-work was going well, and I was really enjoying running and the training. I suppose you can’t expect to go through 20 weeks (+ the couple of months of base building I did) and not miss a session, it’s a long training period, a lot of miles, and there are clearly going to be niggles here and there.

Friday was the first day I could actually walk without pain which was a good sign. We went back to Cardiff for a long weekend, which happened to coincide with Cardiff Parkrun’s 6th anniversary. My calf felt OK on Sat morning so I decided to head there for a slow jog round- despite the stormy conditions!

Parkrun went well, I had no pain, just a lot of stiffness and an awareness of the area. I had a lovely gentle jog round in 28 minutes, and it was so nice, firstly to be running, and secondly to just enjoy the run, rather than fight against it and push so hard you feel like you are going to be sick!

My schedule for Sunday said 10 miles, I wasn’t sure what to do but after no longer run last weekend I knew I wanted to at least attempt this. I headed out and it was the most stunning day. Again there was no pain, but my legs were very heavy and stiff. I just kept checking in with myself and as I was doing an out and back I knew I could turn around at any point. I ended up doing the full 10 miles in 1.44, and I was pretty pleased considering the last fortnight! I was starving when I got back as I hadn’t taken any food/water on the run as I wasn’t sure how long I would be out there. I like to take water for anything over 60 mins, and some food (like a few dates) for anything over 8-9. I felt like I was running on empty a bit towards the end.

I’m glad I’ve managed to get a few runs in, but on the whole the body doesn’t feel right, I might drop down to 3-4 runs for the next couple of weeks if there is not a massive improvement, as I think my body needs more recovery time to get over the injury. I think the problem might be coming from my hip or knee, I also think I may be compensating and changing how I run which is affecting different parts of my body too. When I foam rolled my hip it was absolute agony, and I’m almost certain the issue is stemming from there. I have a sports massage today, which is definitely needed considering how stiff I am feeling! I’m really hoping that is going to do the job, and I will back to feeling like 100% during my runs soon.

I’m just hoping the time off will have helped my body to recover and the rest will, in the long run, be a good thing. My primary goal right now is being on the start line in Manchester in 7 weeks, so if I need to drop mileage or a few runs here and there to be fully fit for that then so be it.

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  1. Hope your sports massage helps!
    I totally agree about the link with mood and running- I can get really fed up so quickly if I can’t run, whereas if I have chosen to have a rest day it is different.

  2. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Sounds like a minor blip. I think all training plans have moments when something goes wrong, but then you just get back on it when you can :)

    • Thanks Anna. Yeah I’m pretty sure it was a minor tear, thank god it wasn’t any worse and that I didn’t carry on running on it! Hopefully be able to get back into proper running this week.

  3. Getting injured is my worst nightmare so I can completely relate to where you’re coming from – keeping fit has essentially become part of my ‘life’ now so when I’ve previously been injured (damn achilles tendonitis!) I too have found it a really difficult transition and am sure that many of us would feel the same! Glad you are being gentle on yourself though, and wishing you a speedy recovery!

    • Yeah I’ve only had really minor stuff before, this kind of feels like it’s a bit more serious. It’s frustrating, but I just need to wait it out! Thanks Lucy.

  4. Hope that problem sorts itself out and your sports massage helped. I know I haven’t ran in a long time but I can still remember how I felt when I was injured, it sucks xx

  5. Hopefully you can recover quickly, its the worst when you have a plan in mind and injuries get in the way but sounds like your doing the right thing and easing back in.

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