Ultra Training Week 4

After an easier recovery week, my legs were feeling fresh and ready to get back into tough training this week.

Ultra Training

Mon: 6 Mile Tempo + Upper Body Weights.

Tues: 4 Mile Recovery

Weds: 8.32 Mile

Thurs: 4 Mile Intervals + 2.5 Mile Walk.

Friday: Active Rest Day 5 Mile Walk

Sat: Active Rest Day: 4 mile Walk

Sun: Longman Trail Race 19.7 miles + 5 mile walk.


Monday’s tempo run was a good one, my legs felt really fresh after an easier week even though this was my third day of running in a row. I did 1.5 miles slow to warm up, 3.5 at tempo, and 0.5 mile slow to cool down for 6 miles in 56 mins. I also started a new weights program The Fat Burn Revolution and did the upper body weights workout, it felt great to be lifting weights again. I didn’t carry this on throughout the week as I didn’t want to risk anything new before the race, so I started it properly yesterday.

Wednesday was the grimmest weather day, it hammered it down for the entire run and I was completely drenched. I can’t take my iPhone with me when it’s raining now, as it nearly broke last time due to condensation in the holder, so I had to guess my mileage. I ended up overshooting 8 miles, to 8.32 which wasn’t too bad. I’m getting used to running without music now as well.

Thursday’s interval run was my best run in a long time. I did 0.5 mile slow to warm up, 3 miles of alternating 1.30 mins fast, 2 mins slow recovery, and 0.5 mile jog to cool down. I ended up doing 4 miles in 36 mins which I was pleased at considering the slower sections. This was also my 6th day of running in a row, which I don’t usually do, but I wanted to have a few days off before the race at the weekend.

Green Juice

I did a fair amount of walking over the course of the week especially in Brighton on the weekend, which I think helped as an active recovery and meant my legs felt OK going into the race on Sunday. I’ve also been drinking loads of green juices and smoothies, which has really helped with recovery.


I was using Longman as a training run, so wanted to take it nice and slow, which was perfect as there was no other speed I could go on that course. It definitely did the job in terms of training, great to get a load of hill work in, and get used to running off road- it’s a totally different beast, as just trying to keep yourself upright is incredibly draining. I was pretty sore in the evening and had to do some yoga on Monday morning before I was good for anything, stairs are definitely not my friend right now.

Muddy trail shoes

This week will be very similar distance wise, aiming for the same runs and overall distance of 42 miles for the week. Just need to keep stretching and doing yoga to get my legs back to normal after the race!!

8 Responses to Ultra Training Week 4

  1. Wow great week of runs! You are doing amazingly. I wish I was at this stage but I have to take things so slowly and not run two days in a row – which I did so often before!! But this weekend I’m off to the Marathon Talk weekend thing so I will be doing Parkrun then the 10 mile long run the day after…hoping it will go alright!

    • Thanks Anna. I like to have mondays and fridays off running usually, and then have a block with 3 runs in the middle and 2 at the weekend, it seems to be working so far. Oh cool, that sounds fun- hope you enjoy!

  2. You are doing so well! At the moment I am not running on 2 consecutive days just to be cautious, as my hip has been fine but I want to make the half in a months time so can’t afford to have to take another week off. Plus work is so busy that it is all I can fit in at the moment too.

  3. You are doing brilliantly Lauren! I’m currently not doing as much as I’d like at the moment due to work, which is frustrating because I have bundles of energy!

  4. My trainers basically look like that all the time now!
    Well done for your race at the weekend. I love trail running but it uses a whole load of extra muscles to running on the road. I always find my whole core feels tighter after a trail run (probably from trying to stay upright!)

    • Haha, I had to clean them, it’s taken about 4 days for them to dry out! Thanks, my core felt fine, which I was surprised about considering the job I was doing to stay upright in the mud. My legs are still pretty tight though.

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