“Recovery” week


Well the most traumatic part of my week wasn’t my Insanity workouts!! After over 3 hours on the National Express from Cardiff, we got to our front door after 11pm last night and only then did I realize I had left the house keys in Cardiff…

This was a fail on every single level. We called an emergency locksmith but he would have had to drill either one or both locks, and as we are renting and couldn’t get hold of our landlord we didn’t want to do that. So we had to pay him £78 for the call out and then we headed off to find a hotel for the night. The Premier Inn was £191 for the night, which I found outrageous, so we stayed at the Hilton which was £199, still outrageous but at least it’s a bit classier. This morning we managed to get hold of our landlord who told us that some of the other estate agents that listed the property previously had keys, so we went over to one of them at 9am this morning, and thankfully they still had a set, so finally we got into our home, £277 down for a stupid mistake, not ideal- especially at this time of year!

I actually didn’t feel too stressed or angry or anything about it, to be honest I just felt apathetic, I didn’t feel anything. It seems to be a common occurrence these days for me to do something stupid or clumsy, shit happens I guess. It’s just best to move on and forget it and not dwell too much. I needed to run today though, just to get it all out of my system, fresh air, music, empty head, no thoughts, me, the road/grass/leaves/open air. Running is the best therapy ever! I had a brilliant 7 mile run and feel a lot better. I certainly will not make that mistake twice!!


Base building has been going well, last week was a set back week for me, I like to lower my mileage after every 3 weeks of increasing to give the legs a break. I still had some good runs including a decent Parkrun effort of 26.13. I need to find a bit of time to beat my PB and dip under 25 mins before the end of the year! This was an official Parkrun PB for me as when I ran my 5k PB of 25.25 I forgot my barcode! Standard. It was a beautiful-if cold-morning, but the turn out as always at Cardiff was amazing, I’ll be trying to fit in at least 2 more Parkruns there before the end of the year, I absolutely love it!

I’ve continued cranking out the Insanity workouts. I’ve just started my third week, and it doesn’t get any easier. You get better, so you can push yourself harder, which makes the workout as tough as ever. I did the second fit test yesterday and saw a huge increase in my number of reps for the moves, so it is definitely working! I like following a program where I know what I’ll be doing day to day. I like structure, the same with running, I write all my training plans out and follow them strictly, it’s a little bit obsessive, but I just like having a schedule and sticking to it rather than going with the flow!! Have to go with what works!

I got another sports massage yesterday, it was awesome, and my legs feel as good as new. They have been heavy and tight over the last few months so this helped a million. I’m going to try and get one at least every couple of months during this training cycle.

Last weeks training log:

  • Mon: 3 mile Recovery Run, Insanity Cardio Power + Resistance
  • Tues: Insanity Pure Cardio, 3 mile Walk
  • Weds: 4 mile Recovery Jog, 2 mile Walk, Insanity Plyometric Circuit
  • Thurs: Rest Day
  • Friday: 6 miles Shake Out Run, Insanity Cardio Recovery
  • Saturday: Parkrun, Insanity Cardio Power + Resistance, 2 mile walk
  • Sunday: Insanity Pure Cardio + Cardio Abs

This week, I’ll be continuing with the Insanity workouts, I’ll drop down on the amount of them if I find they leave me too sore or knackered and it starts to affect my runs. This is my last week of running 4 times, before I increase to 5 runs from next week, I’ve also started to re-introduce some quality sessions into my runs, throwing in some speed/tempo/hill work amongst the junk!

I’m going to Brighton this weekend, so aiming to get in a 10 miler on Friday, and maybe sneak a short one in in Brighton. I love running in different place, the absolute best way to explore!

I finally got to open my advent calender this morning, although I’m a little behind now! Nick has 3 which seems excessive! My Montezuma’s one is awesome though! Off to get my butt kicked by Shaun.T…

Have a great week!

12 Responses to “Recovery” week

  1. Awww gutting for you guys losing that money on a silly mistake but like you said it won’t be something you’ll be repeating in a hurry and at least you got a night in a decent hotel (hopefully it was decent)
    Glad the training is going well and that massage helped – it’s always agony at the time but then the next day it’s like ooh I do feel looser!

    • Yeah it was so silly, but one of those things I suppose! It was a really nice hotel, shame we didn’t really get the most out of it for the money though! Massage is brilliant, makes a huge difference.

  2. Oh my word I would have been so stressed! At least you got it sorted in the end, and on the plus side got to stay in a swanky hotel for the night!

  3. Oh blimey, I’ve done similar things to that, I guess I just get so annoyed at myself, but you had the right attitude, sometimes shit happens and you just have to deal! At least you had a night in the Hilton!

  4. That sounds exactly like the kind of thing that would happen to me! Good for you on staying calm, that’s always the best approach in these situations- no point getting stressed about something you can’ t change. At least you’re in now :)

  5. Unfortunately these things do happen, but it’s great that you managed to stay calm through it all. No good can come from stressing out 😉
    Totally with you on the running… such a great way to shake off any tension and boost the feel good hormones x

  6. Aww no Lauren I’m so sorry to hear about the keys, how frustrating. I hope you had a nice night in the Hilton to make up for it though? And a swanky breakfast in the morning :)

    • Yeah it was pretty rubbish! The night was kind of lame as we didn’t check in til after 12, and didn’t sleep well as we worried about getting in, plus we checked out before breakfast as Nick had to go to work and we went to find some spare keys, so it was wasted on us really!

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