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Well the hay fever season is well and truly upon us! With the gorgeous weather we have been having of late, anyone suffering with hay fever will have felt the full effects.


Apparently the different pollens have all come at the same time this year due to the previous bad weather, hence why you may be suffering more this year than others!

I used to suffer really badly as a child, watery eyes, sneezing-the works-but since changing to a vegetarian diet at age 15 I haven’t suffered with it at all. However this year I think I might be suffering with a slight sensitivity which is manifesting as horrendous fatigue rather than the usual hay fever symptoms.

So what is hay fever?

Well it’s not an allergy to hay! It is actually an allergic response to pollen which affects the mucus membrane of the nose, eyes and upper respiratory tract. The sneezing, mucus, and watery eyes is the body trying to rid itself of the foreign invader-pollen.


This time of year can be hard if you are a hay fever sufferer but there are a number of brilliant natural products out there that can ease symptoms.

Quercetin– This is a natural anti-histamine, it strengthens the walls of mast cells which contain histamine (the release of which triggers symptoms). I use Viridian’s Quercetin three times a day right now, and I find it brilliant. I even took it while on holiday for heat rash and it worked so well. It is also non-drowsy unlike most of the pharmaceutical anti-histamines. Quercetin can be found naturally in apples, onion, garlic and nettles so get those foods in. Nettle tea is also brilliant stuff!

Luffa is a herbal combination which has potent anti-inflammatory and desensitising actions. Although it’s not exactly clear how it combats the symptoms of hay fever, a lot of people find it to be very helpful.

You can also get nose balms to trap pollen, and eye drops which can provide much needed relief for sore, watery eyes, by washing out the pollen and reducing inflammation.

The fact that the body is over-reacting to pollen also highlights a weakness in the immune system so this is really important to address before the hay fever season starts. Supplements like echinacea, vitamin C, zinc, astragalus and reishi will all help to ensure the immune system is in good nick.

Diet also tends to play a big role. Refined products tend to make things worse as they weaken the immune system, so avoid sugar, white flours and processed foods. Wheat, dairy and citrus are the main offenders in causing excess mucus production so if you are struggling with that, then try to cut these foods down, or out, to ease symptoms.

I know how miserable this time of year can be if you suffer from hay fever so I hope these tips are of some help to anybody struggling.

Do you suffer from hay fever?

Have you used any natural hay fever remedies before?

4 Responses to Hayfever Help

  1. I have heard quercetin was good for that, although I didn’t know you could get it as a supplement, I just knew it was in onions especially.
    I have been lucky to never get hayfever- with my cough last week a few people suggested that is what it might be, but I am sure it was from a child coughing in my face!
    Andy has it and he tried all sorts of things (even prescription things didn’t work) but now he uses a nasal spray and that works really well for him.

    • Quercetin is fab, I would really recommend viridian’s one, I’ve found it really good. That’s good that Andy has found something that works for him- the pollen is so bad this year!

  2. Hay fever is horrible! Sorry to hear that you’ve got it right now. It always makes me feel like my head is stuck in the clouds and I just can’t concentrate on anything. Ginger is supposed to help with clearing out the sinuses, both in epsom salt baths and ginger tea. Also my allergy doctor always recommends saline spray.

    Quercetin sounds really interesting! I’ve heard of it before but never really knew what it was. Hope it continues to help and you feel better soon :)

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